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“Enterprise Mobility.” If you run an organization yourself, there are chances that you might have heard this term. And if you have not, it is time you acquaint yourself with the significant role it plays for large and small enterprises. As businesses of today are growing at a very rapid pace, customer relationship management applications have also gone mobile. Moreover, they can efficiently cope with the needs of on-the-go sales executives.


It is very important to note here that the functionality of mobile CRM is not just confined to giving access to data on the move. It goes way beyond the “mobile access” part of it. In case, you are planning to adopt a Mobile CRM for your your organization, you must make sure that it serves certain major functionalities. So, let us try to know about:


3 major functionalities that your CRM mobile App should serve:


Taking Quick Actions

We thrive in the 21st century and the customers of today are more empowered than ever. So, offering excellent product and services is quite mandatory. But what’s more important is  connecting with your customers and understanding their needs. Be it through calls, messages, emails, or social media. Go for an app that enables you to search/locate the prospects and connect with them easily. You should also be easily reachable to your customers and promptly reply to their messages.


Enabling your CRM users to connect with their customers not only adds value to their experience but also gives them feedbacks on how to improve.


Check-in/Check Out of Meetings

Attending meetings is a very crucial and constant part of sales process. And as the sales employees are always on the move, it becomes difficult for them to keep these records. A superior quality mobile CRM app helps you to check in with your visits. As soon as the meetings get over, the location gets recorded in the CRM. As the application links the check-in/check outs to the meetings, calls and task, you can find all the details in the check-in module. In case you miss checking in, you can also do it manually later.


A facility like this makes it easy for CRM users to create and keep the records of customers and keeps their co-workers and team members informed about meetings in real-time.


Easy Follow-up Feature

A common saying in sales says, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” There are several reasons why salespeople resist in following up. One of the major reasons is that they tend to forget. Sometimes they forget the purpose of follow up and sometimes they miss the deadlines. Moreover, the conventional ways of making notes and remembering data is quite exhaustive. A CRM mobile app must have follow-up feature which sends reminders on time and keeps the history of customer interactions.


Other Features

Apart from the features that we have mentioned above, you can also get other features like sending attachments by clicking pictures, uploading documents from mobile device to CRM, searching records and changing the language into a preferable one etc. And then you can find the best CRM mobile apps.


Winding Up…

If you want to adopt better practices to enhance your customer relationships, you can consider using TapCRM.

SugarCon is well and truly behind us and its left a lot for us to digest in its wake. The two day extravaganza was full of intuitive thought-provoking keynotes and immersive breakout sessions that brought all things SugarCRM to the heart of Las Vegas. Following the theme of the event, SugarCon focused on the future of CRM in light of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Technical discussions on how to leverage the most out of CRM ran concurrently as SugarCon 18 made good on its promise,  as one of the biggest CRM events of the year!


Rolustech was there in Las Vegas as the Official Sponsors of SugarCon and introduced a number of SugarCRM plugins and industry solutions to the delight of those in attendance. Read on for our highlights from SugarCon 2018.

Keynote Speeches

The keynote speakers all had very insightful things to say. The event was kickstarted by Maribel Lopez (Lopez Research) who emphasized on the importance of customer relationships for successful business model. She highlighted how CRM has made this task considerably easier and leveraging the most out of it is the key to effective business relationships. The highlight of her speech was a metaphor all the way from Anchiano, Italy; she explained how Da Vinci mastered his craft in a number of disciplines and continued to collaborate well after this milestone and the way forward for the world of technology is along the same lines.

The second keynote speech was given by Leonard Brody (Clarity Digital Group), who pulled things from the 15th century to the forefront of today’s day and age. He highlighted how the world has evolved at a more rapid pace in the last century than it has over the past millennium, and that it may all look and seem good but comes with threats and disruptions of its own. Keeping humanity and industry both in view is crucial for innovations and developments that are both sustainable and effective.

Attendees had to wait until Day 2 to hear David Rowan (WIRED) share his two bits on innovation and technology. He took to stage with a round of applause to share his extensive knowledge in the industry. David talked about how innovations are a result of a process and for organizations to tap into that, they need to have an environment that emanates innovation. He emphasized on how constant evolution is the only way forward. The theme of the future resonated in each of the keynote speeches as those in attendance were left in awe.

You can find a detailed account and history on the keynote speakers in our SugarCon 2018 preview.

SugarCon Products

There was a dedicated Sugar Learning area where you could get a sneak-peek into the products and features still under development or due to be released. Safe to assume, we made sure to pay a visit. Multiple SugarCRM products were available at multiple demo booths. Three things particularly caught our eye;

SugarCRM Hint Update

SugarCRM Hint has a fresh new update on its way with an Insights dashlet. This dashlet consolidates news for the Accounts module to streamline processes. With this update, you can also choose to enable alerts i.e. push notifications.

Quotes Customization

When this update rolls out, SugarCRM administrators will be able to add custom fields to the Quotes module (keep your eyes on this one!)

Project Dossier

Project Dossier will leverage AI to improve business relationships. It can optimize day to day processes by providing you insightful details and data on your contacts.


Enough shindigs, let’s talk about Rolustech. Rolustech took to stage for the inaugural PitchFest by introducing three new amazing plugins and industry solutions. All six of these new products leverage the SugarCRM platform in unprecedented ways and were well received by those in attendance.

sugarcon 2018

RT Stiki Notes

RT StikiNotes is a FREE utility plugin that lets you take sticky notes inside SugarCRM. These StikiNotes can be linked with any record and can also be used to put reminders and priority tasks in order; just like regular sticky notes, but only better.

RT Personalize

RT Personalize adds a touch of personality to your Sugar. This plugin gives the user the ability to choose personalized typography and themes, and is available with all Sugar versions. You can also get SugarCRM custom login screens and more

RT SugarStripe

RT SugarStripe is a payment handling plugin that streamlines and optimizes your payment receiving processes. Simply use this plugin to track, split and secure your payments in a simple and easy way.

Rolustech also introduced 3 new SugarCRM Industry Solutions for Construction, Fitness, and Legal industries.

SugarCRM Industry Solutions

The Rolustech Booth!

As is customary in every SugarCon, Rolustech set up its booth to showcase its new products and provided demos to all those in the queue. The Rolustech booth this year had a number of interesting giveaways and surprises that made it the talk of the Cosmopolitan. During the course of SugarCon, a vast number of people paid visit to the Rolustech booth including Donna Ewart, The Fanatical Labs, Charles Hicks and more, capping off one of our busiest SugarCon in recent history!   

It’s been about a week since I left SugarCon 2018 in Las Vegas. I wanted to take a step back and have time to reflect on what I learned at the show. There is so much innovation and change coming, what does it mean for us?

Here are the top ideas I learned at SugarCon 2018:

1. Sugar Fall ’18 is here and ready to go.

Sugar announced its newest update is here with features, including:

  • Quotes module user interface configuration
  • Reports integrated with data visualization
  • Revenue line items in preferred currencies
  • Advanced workflow recipient list

Here is a YouTube video link for more information.

Overall, Sugar is focusing on moving away from a transactional-based Legacy CRM, and moving to a modern CRM that instead puts the relationship aspect back into customer relationship management.

2. Peer reviews are now more important than ever.

Vendors have less control of the buyers’ first impression and the result of a bad service experience is multiplied. Why? Because peer reviews are now the most trusted source of information on a purchase and continue to rise in importance.

In fact, 84 percent of buyers said they seek input from peers and existing users, while 57 percent do so within the first three months of the buying process before ever talking to the vendor they are buying from.

3. Focus on recurring customers.

There is so much effort in gaining prospects. While that is important, did you know it costs five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an existing one?

Statistics tell us that you are 14 times more likely to sell to an existing customer than a new prospect.

Don’t forget to put focus on the customers you already have!

4. Technology is allowing us to work less, not more.

We are now more digitally connected than ever before. It’s a common thought that because of this connectivity, we are working more now than ever. Leonard Brody broke it down for us, showing us that we are actually working less.

Annual hours

5. Toothpaste isn’t just toothpaste.

“Innovation that you don’t have access to is toothpaste left in the tube.” — Zac Sprackett, vice president, DevOps at SugarCRM.

When Zac took the stage at SugarCon 2018, no one would expect that a big takeaway would involve toothpaste. He asked what size toothpaste tube you buy. Because if you buy the big tube, you are saying you don’t believe that there will be any innovation with toothpaste in the time you are using the product.

Think about this in terms of your technology and it’s a game changer.

Intelestream is an Elite Partner of SugarCRM. Interested in more information? Let’s schedule a demo or start a free trial!

Soon into your CRM adventures, you’ll realize it’s more of a bittersweet ride. There are numerous challenges that you need to overcome to ensure a smooth running of your CRM. But what if I told you there’s a certain CRM that can take care of all the hassle for you? Enter SugarCRM. SugarCRM can take care of all your CRM challenges so you can focus your attention on your sales and service teams.

Let’s take a look at 4 unique ways SugarCRM solves CRM Challenges. (Also take a look at these Common Myths about SugarCRM)

Simplified Third-Party Integrations

Third-Party Integrations are important for businesses because they provide essential functionality crucial for business processes. Sugar stands up to the mark in more ways than one. SugarCRM is that one kid in high school who’s friends with everybody. Sky’s the limit when it comes to what software you can integrate with SugarCRM. From Quickbooks to DocuSign to our very own SugarCRM Plugins, Sugar sits well with all. The simplification of these integrations allows endless customizations that ensure your CRM is capable of handling all your business needs. Whether it’s consolidating all your information and data in one place or bringing a functionality to the front on your SugarCRM, everything can be achieved rather easily.

Data Protection and Security

SugarCRM was one of the first CRM platforms to enforce GDPR compliance and has actively been leading the front for privacy management and data protection. SugarCRM comes with numerous components that help you sort out roles and provide access accordingly. With SugarCRM, you can define privileges and give access to team members and managers differently, depending upon predefined requirements. Organizations tend to grow exponentially with a CRM in place and thus need their security and privacy issues sorted out. SugarCRM employs mechanisms to ensure you never have to worry about security and protection.


As previously mentioned, CRM often serves as a platform for rapid growth in organizations. You want a CRM that’s capable of handling an expansion when the time comes. Migration to a large platform is not financially or practically feasible. With SugarCRM, you get a CRM that can be scaled according to the needs of your business. Designed keeping large businesses in mind, SugarCRM works efficiently for both small business and large enterprises alike. Hop onto Sugar as a startup and never worry about your CRM again.

We at Rolustech use the most effective Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tools to make migrations easy and seamless. If you’re looking for a SugarCRM Migration, contact us for a free consultation session.

CRM Adoption Issues

Making your organization adopt a CRM and come up to speed can be a daunting task to undertake. It’s also one of the biggest reasons that render organizations incapable of maximizing returns after a CRM implementation. SugarCRM helps with the adoption process with its simple and easy usability features that are readily understandable. With SugarCRM, you don’t have to worry about CRM adoption in your organization.

Be sure to check out the original post and visit the Rolustech Blog for more content like this! 

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