Andy Quintana

60,000 times faster: The Power of Visuals in Relationship Intelligence

Blog Post created by Andy Quintana on Sep 10, 2018

Pictures are worth 1,000 words, we have heard that before. So, should we try to make everything a picture?  Well, it depends on what you are trying to convey. Understanding data sometimes requires filtering or moving fields around to try and make sense of what you have.


But ultimately if you can leverage visuals to quickly gain an understanding, assess situations, know where to focus and spend more time selling, it would be valuable. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.1 Let’s look a bit closer at what you might gain from a visual in an opportunity.


Picture represents engagement, influence and role of buyers at the table in an opportunity.


In the Accent CRM Supercharger visualization of an opportunity, your digital assistant provides a picture of a buying team seated at the table. We can quickly look and see a few things happening with this opportunity:


  1. There are 4 buyers associated with this opportunity
  2. Two of them are strongly engaged and two are moderately engaged (green and yellow respectively)
  3. Two of them have a moderate level (2-stars) of influence on this deal, while the other two have a high level (3-star) of influence on this deal.
  4. The individual with the trophy is your champion
  5. The two individuals with the $ are your economic buyers
  6. As you hover over a buyer, you can get additional details. Last outreach, average response time and response rate.


As a sales rep, you might say this looks healthy as on opportunity or decide to reach out to the more influential buyer to engage them a bit more.  But ultimately and regardless of the action – a more accurate assessment can be made of this opportunity while planning with a quick decision on how much time to focus on it or move to the next one.


Without a sales rep having to do anything, the CRM Supercharger digital assistant painted an information-rich picture of the opportunity.  This is only the beginning.


Andy - Accent Technologies, Inc.