Jesse Heller

The Importance of Getting Sugar Certified

Blog Post created by Jesse Heller on Apr 3, 2018
Post originally published by FayeBSG Project Manager, Vicki Leopold 

Certifications. This is definitely a hot topic and can drive some very passionate discussions. It seems there are two camps – those who support them and those who don’t. Many will claim that certifications show only that one can study, take a test, and pass. They will argue that having the certification doesn’t mean that the certification holder can do his or her job any better than a person without a certification. Others will argue that having a certification shows a basic knowledge of the subject and shows that the certification holder was motivated to invest the time and energy to learn the material well enough to pass the test.


We fall into the second camp here at FayeBSG. We believe that a Sugar Admin Certification is a worthwhile investment of time. The exam tests a lot more than just one’s knowledge of basic configuration and screen navigation. Many of the questions cover scenarios of user and technical issues that occur every day, requiring an admin to troubleshoot, find, and fix the issue. Answering the exam questions correctly requires the knowledge of someone who has had experience with the product. You can argue that on a multiple choice test, one can simply guess their way through and pass, but it’s unlikely that any test taker is lucky enough to guess their way through 70 questions, many of which have answers that are very close to being correct or have multiple correct answers to choose from. It takes experience to get a passing score on this exam.


The bottom line is that holding a Sugar Admin Certification shows that you have more than a basic knowledge of the product – it shows that you also have experience as well, and that is valuable to you as a job candidate and to your employer. If you have the experience but don’t yet have the certification or don’t feel you need it, why not take the test anyway? It’s 90 minutes of your time, and you just might learn that you don’t yet know everything!


Participate in the Sugar Certification Program to validate your knowledge, skills, and abilities on Sugar best practices. Learn more here: Sugar Certification Program - SugarCRM