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A CRM system can give your business both a look forward and backward, and be the centralized hub for customer information. While you understand the reasons you need to use CRM software, you may struggle on getting the most from the solution. In truth, the technology is only as good as it’s users. Are you wondering how to get your team to utilize a CRM platform for your company?

Here are 5 best practice tips for CRM use:

1. Customize for your needs

CRM systems can have many bells and whistles. However, you do not want to make your employees’ process any more difficult. Take the time to learn what will help them.

For example, if you are a manufacturer of a solution used in medical adhesives, there are only so many customers that will use your product. You already know who the customers are in your marketable universe, so it does not make sense to qualify leads. Anyone that is interested in this medical-grade compound is already qualified and is an opportunity. Thus, you do not need a Leads module in your CRM because your data can go right to the system’s Accounts module. If your sales team is uploading information into the Leads module, this creates extra, unnecessary steps.

Speak to your team about what they are interested in and then build from there.

Do you know the difference between a lead and an opportunity? Learn how to best differentiate these terms and utilize your CRM.

2. Define objectives and KPIs

Once you determine which facets of a CRM you want to use, you need to decide what goals you want to meet. Maybe you are most interested in growing qualified leads. Or you want to discover where in the sales funnel people drop off. Either way, define what your goals are prior to launching a CRM. Keep checking back to make sure you are achieving your goals and if not, adjust your strategy.

3. Manage expectations

Be realistic when you set personal goals for your team. How many leads would you like each team member to enter into the CRM? What data fields do you think are most important? Set your expectations so you can see where adjustments may need to be made.

4. Create buy in

Team members are not going to go full throttle into a new technology if senior leadership does not show passion for the system. Take the time to speak to your staff about why everyone needs to use the CRM and how using it is going to increase efficiencies.

5. Continue training

A common mistake is to only conduct training on the CRM system during implementation. A one-and-done training model leads to minimal effort from your team. It is not that they don’t want to use the CRM system, but when they start to use it and get stuck, they can feel too busy to take the time to figure out the issue and continue on. Instead, they may go back to the old way of doing things. However, with continued training, you will reinforce your message of using the CRM system and be available to troubleshoot issues.

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. –Benjamin Franklin

I will cut straight to the chase. There is a long list of reasons why SugarCRM has managed to establish its footprint in the CRM industry in such a short span of time. Loved by SMB’s to large enterprises alike, SugarCRM has always put its customers at the heart of its organization. Regardless of company size or industry vertical, SugarCRM has managed to transform businesses to drive profitability and increase customer satisfaction.

If that still does not answer the fundamental question why SugarCRM? Let me  share with you the top six reasons why SugarCRM is an optimal CRM solution for your business.


1. Affordability

SugarCRM has somehow managed to pull off the ‘More for Less’ value proposition in the CRM industry. Although SugarCRM no longer offers its FREE Sugar Community Edition, the other three editions cost way less than their counterparts. With all the core CRM capabilities that require a one time payment and no hidden fees and complexity, SugarCRM is an affordable CRM solution that you can blindly trust.


2. Easy to use

Choose SugarCRM for your business

With a simple user interface that is easy to navigate, your employees will not find it difficult to use Sugar at all. Sugar is known to have a high user adoption rate, a must have feature as it is ultimately the end users who determine the success or failure of implementing a CRM system.


3. Customizable

Choose SugarCRM for your business

No matter which CRM you purchase, a default solution will not empower you to carry out all your operations. The need for customization would always arise. You would like to get your SugarCRM theme, modules, dashboards, workflows, fields etc. customized to have a complete bespoke system that would serve as an all encompassing platform to manage your business. SugarCRM takes the lead in this area too. As an open source CRM, you can get Sugar configured according to your exact business needs.


4. Integratable

Choose SugarCRM for your business

Customizations would only get half the job done. To get 100% results, you need to connect your Sugar with all the departments of your organization through third-party plugins/integrations. SugarCRM allows you to virtually connect with any software that you desire be it marketing automation, sales automation, social media, payment gateways, data analytics, content management systems, ecommerce platforms, etc.


5. Reporting

Choose SugarCRM for your business

Sugar is extremely competent in comparison to other CRMs when it comes to handling large amounts of data. It lets you gather data from various modules to generate reports that give you an excellent handle on your analytics. In addition to the four basic reports, Sugar lets you create advanced reports. And even if that does not suffice, you can get custom reports built to analyze the wealth of information stored inside the database.


6. Deployment

Choose SugarCRM for your business

One of the most distinctive features of SugarCRM is the deployment options it offers. SugarCRM supports four deployment methods: On-Demand, Private Cloud, Public Cloud and On-Premise. You get complete freedom to choose from any of the four options and can always make a switch as your customer base grows and business evolves.


We are here to help

With Sugar by your side, meaningful customer relationships and excellent customer service are just a click away. So what are you waiting for?. Contact us to schedule a FREE business analysis session