Why Chat Augmented by CRM Is a Must

Blog Post created by jason@sugarchimp.com on Aug 2, 2017

Like many businesses these days, we have been using live chat now for quite awhile now and realizing its benefits. Over the past year we have integrated our chat and CRM applications and quickly found that this should have been done much sooner than we had. Quite simply, it's a must to augment chat with CRM data.


Standalone Chat


Before we made the leap we did noticed some immediate benefits to having chat by itself, including:


  • Chat provided more efficient support.  It can be helpful to get on a phone call at times, especially for deeper issues, but nothing beats being able to effectively help multiple people at one time like you can with chat. It scales much more nicely.
  • Chat put a face to our business. People love doing business with other people versus a faceless business. It's comforting to know there is an actual person available when help is needed.
  • Chat improved our sales. We found that adding chat as an option improved our sales substantially. On top of having the option to start a chat, those who engaged in chat were much more likely to purchase as their questions were able to be quickly answered, removing those hurdles.


Chat with CRM


After tying in CRM data into our chat conversations we were able to realize a number of additional benefits, including:


  • Chat helped with renewals. With tying chat to current billing status we were able to do proactive chats to help with the renewal process.
  • Chat helped with at-risk trials. Based on certain indicators, our CRM marked certain trials as "at-risk". Having that information at hand not only helped our agents better understand how to help visitors, but we could also use that information to start proactive chats to ensure that the customer was getting the help that they needed in order to use it.


Chat with CRM & Zendesk


As we continue to grow there are new opportunities to improve, especially around the support side. This is why we are excited about the new Zendesk Chat product launch along with the only CRM integration currently available for it, Fanatical Labs' SugarCRM for Zendesk integration.


Multi-Channel Chat


While working with other businesses trying out the beta version over the past couple of months, we found that Zendesk and SugarCRM users benefited the most from:


  • Providing an additional avenue of support. Users are now able to quickly create support tickets based on chat conversations.
  • Advanced chat routing. Based on rules, including visitor behavior on the site, they can route....(word this to support or sales points of contact...)
  • Seeing contract info from Sugar. Support agents could quickly see what a visitor's support contract is so that the appropriate level of support could be provided.
  • Reducing steps needed from a customer. For example, if a customer is having an issue a support rep could see what their license key is within Sugar without needing to ask them for that additional information. Reducing steps such as these reduces the dedicated time required to get a customer the help they needed.
  • Proactively initiating chat based on behavior. Based on a variety of options, including current page, # of past visits, time on site, etc, automated chats can be sent to the visitor.


Zendesk Chat with SugarCRM data on the right


If you haven't started taking advantage of chat yet, or have and are looking to become more effective with it, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. The ways to use chat augmented with CRM listed above are just some of the many possibilities. I suggest starting with one or two, implementing it, learning from it, and then expanding from there. If you need help setting up Zendesk with SugarCRM schedule a call with us.