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The ROI of adding a Click-to-Call feature in Sugar

Blog Post created by Hussain Nasir on Jul 31, 2017

How much time can a click to call feature save you in Sugar?

Time and again, we hear from our clients that adding a click to call feature in Sugar enhances the productivity of their users. This holds remarkably true for the users who regularly make calls to their leads, contacts or accounts. Our plugin RT Telephony a Sugar and Twilio integration-allows you to make calls and send text messages from within Sugar’s record view.

For some time now, we had been curious. We wanted to calculate the exact time it saved for each Sugar user when making calls. Using the saved time data, we then calculated the return on investment for our clients who use the plugin.

…So we decided to run a little experiment

The experiment would be pretty simple. We were interested in calculating the time it takes for an ordinary Sugar user to make a call without the embedded click to call feature. We would then go on to calculate the time it takes for a call from within Sugar’s record view. The difference would clearly show how much time the user saves on each call.

With a stopwatch, we sat down and carried out the experiment.

This is what we found!

The steps involved in making a call to a contact in Sugar were the following:

  1. Going to the Contacts module
  2. Searching for the contact name (if it’s not on the immediate list view)
  3. Clicking on the contact to see the contact details
  4. Picking up the phone and dialing

The time it took to make a call?

30 seconds.

On average, completing all of the 4 steps to make the call took around 30 seconds, provided the users followed the exact steps and the phone system to dial from was readily available to them. Otherwise, the call would take much longer.

On the other hand, making a call with a click to call feature from within Sugar was pretty simple. It is just simply going into the record view of any lead, contact or account and clicking on the calling icon. This is shown in the screenshot below.

The whole process took around 15 seconds which meant on every single call, we were cutting the time down in half.Using this data, we now proceeded to calculate the ROI for our plugin.

Calculation of the return on investment

To calculate the ROI of this plugin, we first calculated the annual savings from the plugin and then used a simple formula to calculate the ROI. Calculating the annual savings involved these steps:

Step 1: Calculating the cost per minute of the Sugar user

Step 2: Calculating how long the operation takes

Step 3: Determining the repetitions

Step 4: Determining the operational costs

The calculation is shown in this Infographic:

A key part of ensuring an ROI is that the add-on you leverage with Sugar provide value. The integration with Twilio provides the necessary capability to help develop the 360 degree view of the customer as well as drive adoption within your organization. For example, the add-on has:

  • Instant pop up screen notifications when a lead or a contact calls you
  • Call recording inside Sugar and call forwarding
  • SMS functionality to leads, contacts or accounts (bulk SMS campaigning is also possible)
  • Interactive Voice Response including call routing and assigning extensions
  • Ability to take notes during a call and save them in the notes subpanel

The best thing about RT Telephony is that the price of the plugin is per instance which means there is no cap on the number of users who can use this plugin to make calls. The more users you have, the higher the ROI gets.


Bottom line:
If all the functionalities of the plugin are taken into account, then the ROI comes out to be much higher. According to our estimate, for the same variables, it would reach above $5,000. Apart from all the math, it improves the proficiency of the Sugar users, enhances their daily productivity and provides them with the CRM UX they love to work with.


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