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Integrate Sugar with All Your Business Tools to Reap Greater Wins

Blog Post created by Aki Merced on Jul 25, 2017

You know that one of the most frustrating experiences is when a company's customer-facing rep calls you–doesn't matter if they're from sales, customer support, or marketing–and they don't have a clue who you are. For us who work in the world of business know all too well that shooting in the dark rarely results in anything meaningful.


From the first touch with a prospect to the last phone calls to finalize a deal, ensuring that the customer experience is top-notch exponentially increases the chances of acquisition and retention. 


However, there are many hurdles that keep customer-facing reps from actually delivering thoughtful, personalized outreach and conversations despite knowing that it is crucial.


For teams using SugarCRM, integrating your system with all other customer databases and records you have will allow you to personalize, target, and tailor your conversations to get to your goals. Whether you're in sales, marketing, or customer support, customer-facing functions require an incisive view of the customer. This incisive view is only possible if you have all data unified and easy-to-access. 


Here are three ways integrating SugarCRM with your marketing automation tools, help desk databases, and other systems of record and points of contact allows you to win more.


  1. Updates customer records in real-time 

    Customer information, conversation details, and other pertinent particulars in the world of any customer-facing team are ever-changing. Entry fields on SugarCRM and other systems of record like your marketing automation tools and other databases need to be consolidated to give you a full customer view. Not having your data up to date will net you some losses. The time cost and opportunities lost because of outdated data can't be understated.
  2. Unlocks more opportunities

    Data powers you to not only bring the best out of the current customer stage. Especially in B2B sales, deals are long and complicated–they definitely don't end after the first call. Having access to all customer history and information from marketing, customer support, IT, and other departments gives you the edge in planning and forecasting your opportunities and unlocking more channels.
  3. Supercharges analytics

    Analytics is the oil that greases the wheels of business. When you're stuck or having a business issue, looking at the numbers and the dashboards allows managers and top-level execs to see the whole picture and build deeper insights to formulate a plan of action. Having information all in one place makes it easier to spot causations that permeate different areas of the business.


Most businesses these days still suffer from the "problem" of too many tools. You can't let go of them because they all serve their unique purposes. However, having data all over the place is throwing a wrench at your productivity and streamlining efforts.


Tenfold connects your phone system to SugarCRM and unifies it with all your other systems of record, allowing you to acquire, maintain, and create long-lasting customer relationships.


Interested in how Tenfold works with Sugar? Here's a video! Also, please check out the data sheet attached to this blog post to get more details on how Tenfold supercharges SugarCRM.



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