Maulik Shah

Why Should Businesses Have A Self Service Customer Portal

Blog Post created by Maulik Shah on Jun 21, 2017

Not long ago, customer service was all about telephonic customer support and call center agents. But In today’s fast times, people do not want to wait for hours on toll free numbers and deal with clueless call center agents to get their issues resolved. Online chat support, even though online, still follows traditional approach to support and requires agents.


Online self support, on the other hand, is an alternative approach to the traditional forms of customer support and if implemented well, can definitely complement your existing support system, if not entirely replace it. 

One of the best ways of providing online self support is through a self service customer portal. Especially one that integrates seamlessly with your existing SugarCRM system to fetch or update all your existing customers data.
In this blog we will understand how such a portal will help you provide a better customer experience as well as reduce operational costs for your business.

Bring Down Operational Costs

As explained above, such portals are a great cost cutting tool. Across industries, empowering customers to do stuff on their own without any manual involvement has been a great way to cut costs.

Empower Customers With Knowledge

Self service portals not only solve the current problems of the customers, but also equip them with enough knowledge to solve their future queries as well. A well documented knowledge base goes a long way in preventing any future complaints or issues because the customers already have answers to their questions.

Create a Close Knit Community

Opening a forum in the portal can create a very useful community where customers can help each other on their own without the involvement of any company employee. Not only does it solve issues, but also creates bonding amongst the members.

Create a Personalized Experience

The usage patterns of customers can be easily tracked in the customer portal and combined with their personal info, a personalized portal experience can be provided to them. For example, the sections of the portal that are most relevant to the customer can be presented upfront along with greetings for important days like birthday, marriage anniversary, etc. Such small measures can go a long way in creating a “wow” experience for customers.

Get More Customer Recommendations
Satisfied customers will go out of their way in recommending products and services to other customers. A successful customer portal will enhance you brand image and create positive vibes.

Cross-Selling/Up-Selling Opportunity

Based on the customer's’ previous interactions, products or services matching their requirements can be presented to them in the portal. Thus creating avenues for cross-selling and upselling.
Creating a customer portal doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly or complicated project. At Biztech, we have used the power of SugarCRM and combined it with the most popular CMS WordPress to come up with a customer portal plugin that is both cost effective and easy to implement.