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Blog Series: Breaking the Status Quo of Sales & Marketing Data Integration (with SugarCRM) - Part 3: Top Use Cases for SugarCRM Integrations with Bedrock Data

Blog Post created by Aaron Kerzner on Jun 5, 2017

In our recent articles we explored the history of data integration and what it takes for an automated integration platform to deliver for business users.


Next, we’ll look at the top SugarCRM customer use cases for breaking the status quo of data integration using Bedrock Data. The goal is to help SugarCRM customers reap the most value from Sugar as their unified operating system across marketing, sales, and customer success.  


An underlying theme throughout these use cases is avoiding the Which system has the right data? conundrum. Aligning your data across systems helps ensure customers are being engaged most effectively,  avoiding confusion and wasted time from mismatched data between systems. 

Use Case #1 - Connect all lead sources to Sugar

You have leads coming from many different sources: your website, webinars, events, and email, just to name a few. An integration platform allows you to connect all of those lead sources to your CRM with real-time delivery which means:

  • You never need to upload another spreadsheet again
  • Your sales team can be more effective with timely lead follow-up
  • You can enforce consistency with how incoming data is tagged in your system (e.g. lead sources, lead source details)...which helps you be complete and accurate with your analytics on these leads. 

Use Case #2 - Provide visibility to reps in the CRM they are using every day

There are key interactions collected through marketing systems that provide insight to sales reps to help them have more contextualized, effective conversations with prospects.  


What was the last content on the website they engaged with? What was the last piece of content they downloaded? What was the last webinar they attended?  What event sessions did they attend?


These data points can be mapped to custom fields in Sugar, providing sales with visibility in the interface they are using every single day. And with your reps, that’s probably the difference between them seeing the information ahead of a sales call, or not.


Use Case #3 - Closed Loop Reporting through Sugar

Bringing historical marketing interactions into Sugar custom fields, allows you to leverage Sugar for closed loop reporting, connecting marketing interactions to sales results.


This type of reporting can traditionally get very complex. To combat that complexity, a great way to get the right reports is to  tag certain field such as:

  • Original lead source (where did this lead originate?)
  • Original lead source details
  • MQL source (what made the lead an MQL?)
  • MQL source details


Then, use Sugar to summarize the correlation between these values, and pipeline and closed won business. Bedrock Data’s connection of your marketing systems to Sugar provides you with the right feeds of data to make this happen.

Use Case #4 - Manage a de-duplicated database of prospects, contacts & customers

All of these use cases rely on this one - if you have duplicates in your data, you run the risk of making the wrong conclusions from your data, or communicating to someone incorrectly. If you have a record tagged as a prospect, but they are really a customer, you’re going to deliver the wrong message. If you have multiple records and someone updates their preferences, you’re not going to miscommunicate to them.


Deduplication has a couple parts to it. If you have duplicates in your CRM data, you want a way to rapidly review those duplicates, and clean and consolidate the data to a unique set of records. Then, on an ongoing basis, as contacts engage with you across multiple systems, you need to ensure the records are aligned across all systems, without duplication.  


Use Case #5 - Feed customer database to marketing systems for customer upsell programs

Pushing customer data from Sugar out to the various systems you’re using to engage customers (in a way that is easily segmented by account level data) helps you drive effective customer upsell programs. Most marketing automation systems can be used to score customers based on different upsell offerings, as a way to feed intelligence back to your account management team.


Use Case #6 - Align support & sales teams on support status for the customer

Syncing support tickets from a third party support system back to Sugar, provides sales and account management teams with visibility to help them prioritize and tailor sales conversations most effectively. Support data can also be leveraged to identify high potential customer advocates to target for customer advocacy programs via marketing and sales.


These are all things you can achieve with Bedrock Data, without writing a line of code.


Take full advantage of your Sugar instance. Let's have a discussion to align your marketing, sales, and customer success systems.


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