Disruption Series: Collab

Blog Post created by mweitzel Employee on Mar 16, 2017

I had the opportunity to share a coffee with Carlos Vasconcelos, CMO of Collab, in a busy Munich restaurant, to discuss how their approach to re-envisioning a modern contact center is disrupting the industry. Built from the ground up in the cloud, Collab's Nubitalk Cloud, integrates artificial intelligence through "predictive quality assurance"--helping managers determine which calls should be listened to as well as learning algorithms that match humans to agents. Collab's investment in bot technology lowers the overall cost of your contact center by adding a new layer of self service. You can get started with Nubitalk by simply enrolling on their web portal. And the best part? Enter your Sugar URL when you sign up and voila! You have an integrated contact center! 

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