Nevena Miric

Better Data = Better Results

Blog Post created by Nevena Miric on Feb 1, 2017

Data quality in CRM is a big concern for every organisation and for good reason. Bad data or duplicate data can happen to anyone and usually does at some point in the span of a business life. It can cause issues with accounting and create sales conflicts when leads may be routed incorrectly. It may also lead to a lack of confidence or even mistrust from customers who may think of it as your normal practice.

But when you are unintentionally making decisions based on bad or duplicate data, it will inevitably end in poor results!

That is why it’s important to help your sales and marketing teams so they can help you by keeping customers happy and providing correct information.

It’s not just the front line that will be suffering from bad data but the management as well. If you have duplicate sales and marketing data you won’t be able to appropriately report on it, make informative decisions and measure success of your team.

All these things combined together greatly impact your company performance and efficiency while reducing customer satisfaction. The difference comes in knowing how to spot and correct bad data so that these particular issues never happen again. Sugar provides multiple ways to combat duplicate data but there are still many good reasons to extend the functionality to address the various ways people utilize the Sugar platform.

At Eontek, we've been working with Sugar for over five years and have been creating different software solutions to help companies resolve their data issues. In fact, we have created DeDupit as a solution for Sugar that enables you to find duplicate records following the rules that you’ve set, and to merge found duplicates manually or automatically, which will work on any module within Sugar. 

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