Bill Convis

Enhancing Sugar's Customer Journey Plugin with Workflow

Blog Post created by Bill Convis on Jan 30, 2017

Sugar’s Customer Journey Plugin, released in August 2016, extends Sugar® to align your sales activities with the customer’s decision stage and helps your company deliver a personalized customer experience. For each Sugar Lead, Contact or Account, this new plugin enables your employees to know where in the Sales Cycle the customer is pertaining to a potential sale or support. The plugin creates Sugar Tasks, Calls, and Meetings automatically and assigns these to the owner of the record. As the employees complete these Tasks, the plugin’s very well built user interface displays where in the journey the customer is and what needs to be done to close the sale or case.


According to Krisitian Sandeberg, the CEO of Addoptify, the company that originally developed the plugin, the Customer Journey Plugin should be thought of as much more than just a “customer journey tool” because it can be used to manage any process in your business.


SierraCRM took a good look at the plugin and realized that as good as it is, it does not replace a full featured workflow product such as SugarCRM’s Process Author or SierraCRM’s Process Manager.

The visualization and graphical view of the plugin enables employees to quickly understand where in the sales or support process a specific person or company may be. 


The tool does a great job of creating Calls, Tasks and Meetings. However, to truly manage the journey, your pilot needs an automated system that continually monitors Sugar. A full featured workflow product can do just that: Constantly check Sugar for scenarios that you may have defined as a sales opportunity or support case that is in jeopardy of being lost or miss handled. The last thing you need is to be informed of a high value Sales Opportunity that was lost because a simple task was not done.


Here is an example:  Let’s say you have the plugin setup for a Sales Process that includes a series of Tasks that your employee needs to accomplish before you can advance the Opportunity to a specific stage. You have a sales close date that if not met, increases the chances of losing the Opportunity. Can the Customer Journey Tool continuously query Sugar looking for scenarios where this close date is coming up and the Opp is not ready? No it can’t. But a workflow tool such as Process Manager or Process Author can.


Here is another example of how workflow can augment the customer journey plugin. You’ve opened a Support case for a high value account and you have in place an SLA that states you must deliver  a response to the Account hourly while the case is opened. The Customer Journey Plugin will be able to create the initial tasks that will need to be distributed to the support team, but what it can’t do is know when to send emails to the accounts each hour that the case is opened.  Workflow tools such as Process Manager or Process Author are designed to do exactly that. For instance, you could setup a process in Process Manager to run hourly and find all Cases that are not closed, with high priortiy, related to high value accounts and for each of these cases, send a standard email to the account with any case notes. All the while, your support staff is diligently working on the task that was assigned to them by the Customer Journey Plugin.


 A full featured workflow module such as Process Author or Process Manager working side by side with the Custom Journey Plugin can guarantee you will not lose Sales or upset your customers because your employees dropped the ball. For customers using Sugar professional, now is a perfect time to begin evaluating which workflow direction to take in 2017.