Nevena Miric

SugarCast Episode 2 - Understanding Data Relationships in Sugar

Blog Post created by Nevena Miric on Jan 13, 2017

In the first episode of SugarCast we introduced you to basic operations in Sugar. There are many things that we want to present and topics that we are going to talk about but one of the most important things in any CRM especially Sugar is our today's topic. Today we are going to talk about Relationships between data.


In this video we are going to explain what are relationships, types of relationships that exist, which type of relationship should you be creating and many more things related to relationships between data in Sugar.


We hope that you will enjoy the video and learn some new things while working with Sugar every day.


We can not wait to hear how you liked the episode and provide us with feedback. Post a comment on this blog to help us understand what you would like to learn more about or what are you struggling with and we'll cover it in one of the next episodes and explain how Sugar can help you solve it.