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Secure & Flexible Payment Solutions with Integrations to Payment Gateways

Blog Post created by Hussain Nasir on Jan 5, 2017


If you are looking to integrate a secure and flexible payment solution for your business transactions, you are probably having a hard time narrowing down on the available options. More and more payment solution providers are now offering robust, scalable, flexible and affordable integration services, which is why digital payments are on the rise each year. However, every business has unique needs, and every business needs tailored payment solutions. If your business model means making or receiving variable payments based on customer data, we recommend doing some basic research to select a payment gateway that caters to your unique needs. The good news is, whichever solution works for your business, also works with Sugar. Sugar allows for seamless integration of third-party apps, and you can either opt for payment integration plugins on SugarExchange or hire developers for the integration service. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of integrating a payment gateway with Sugar.


Why Integrate a Payment Gateway with Sugar

Payment gateways are as important for internet commerce as Sugar is for your business. By integrating Sugar with a payment gateway like, PayPal or Stripe, you can streamline your business payments, invoicing and billing processes efficiently within Sugar. Some of the key benefits of integrating Sugar with a payment gateway include:


Automated Recurring Billing (ARB)

ARB allows you to automatically generate subscription billing plans based on the criteria you select. Using ARB features, you can efficiently manage contracts, subscriptions and regular billing right within your Sugar.


Transaction History

Transaction history is maintained against records in Contacts, Leads and Opportunities. Sugar users can view successful and failed payments, payment dates, upcoming payments and so on.


Payment Notifications

Depending on your notification settings, you can receive all payment-related notifications in your Sugar. This feature gives you real-time reporting and saves you from the hassle of going through unorganized payment data.


Secure Data Storage

Payment integration solutions ensure complete protection of your clients’ billing information. With secure tokenization of user’s payment info, all data is stored securely.


Less Manual Work

With the right payment integration service, you do not have to re-enter billing information for returning clients. All customer information is automatically populated in required fields, significantly reducing manpower efforts of your team.


Order Management & Tracking

Once your Sugar is integrated with a payment gateway, you get complete order management support on a single platform.


Popular Payment Gateway Integrations with Sugar

Some of the most popular integration services we have implemented include Stripe, PayPal,, SecurePay, Braintree, and a host of others. Other popular services include Sugar integration with GoToBilling, InstaBill, USAePay, Veripay, eWay, Barclaycard, ChronoPay, Paynove, AvidiaPay and American Payment Solutions.


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