Nevena Miric

Instead of reading now you can watch about SugarCRM - SugarCast!

Blog Post created by Nevena Miric on Dec 27, 2016

There are a lot of blogs and articles with informations about Sugar and SugarCRM, but from our experiences no matter how particular topic is interesting when you see a lot of text on the page many people will just give up and skip reading.


That is because many people don’t like to read text that is complicated and hard to understand, especially if it has a lot of technical terms. It is always easier to explain something when you have chance to talk about it then writing something on the paper. Your audience has better understanding of it as well, when they get a chance to listen and see for themselves.


That’s why Eontek team has decided to start talking and showing than writing about Sugar!


Sugar itself is great but, like any platform, some of the more advanced features can be complex, and if you want to fully understand how it works there are a lot of things to explain. There is technical side of Sugar and then there is end user that needs to understand how to fully utilize Sugar in it’s daily activities. We will try to cover some of the technical aspects of Sugar but primarily we want to focus on end user and how Sugar should help him stay productive and successful.


Here is our first episode of SugarCast with introduction to Sugar concepts and how to get around in Sugar itself.



We can not wait to hear how you like the episode and provide us with feedback. We are more than happy to hear what are you struggling with so that we can cover it in one of the next episodes and explain how Sugar can help you solve it.


Expect each week new episode of SugarCast!