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There are a lot of blogs and articles with informations about Sugar and SugarCRM, but from our experiences no matter how particular topic is interesting when you see a lot of text on the page many people will just give up and skip reading.


That is because many people don’t like to read text that is complicated and hard to understand, especially if it has a lot of technical terms. It is always easier to explain something when you have chance to talk about it then writing something on the paper. Your audience has better understanding of it as well, when they get a chance to listen and see for themselves.


That’s why Eontek team has decided to start talking and showing than writing about Sugar!


Sugar itself is great but, like any platform, some of the more advanced features can be complex, and if you want to fully understand how it works there are a lot of things to explain. There is technical side of Sugar and then there is end user that needs to understand how to fully utilize Sugar in it’s daily activities. We will try to cover some of the technical aspects of Sugar but primarily we want to focus on end user and how Sugar should help him stay productive and successful.


Here is our first episode of SugarCast with introduction to Sugar concepts and how to get around in Sugar itself.



We can not wait to hear how you like the episode and provide us with feedback. We are more than happy to hear what are you struggling with so that we can cover it in one of the next episodes and explain how Sugar can help you solve it.


Expect each week new episode of SugarCast!

When we talk about business today we find that many companies would like to be better organized, to make better use of their time and that people need more collaborative approach. A common problem that many companies experience is not knowing who is in charge for specific pieces of a project or when a particular project needs to be completed. All these things affect business quality and service that you provide.


Project Manager is a solution for SugarCRM  that Eontek came up with after extensive research of these different challenges which number of companies faces today. For some time now, we wanted to find out what are some of the problems that companies didn’t managed to resolve and it began to affect the quality of their business. Let’s examine following example. You have accepted a project to work on with your client but the deadline for when the project needs to be finished has already been set.


Next thing that usually happens is find out that people you have planned to work on this engagement with your client are still busy finishing up an earlier project they have been working on. There can be multiple reasons for this but most of time they will be waiting for someone else to complete his job so they can finish theirs.


Very quickly things get out of hand, you don’t know who is doing what and why. All of this usually leads to pushing back or calling of the project with your client, just because you didn’t have right information available when making commitments. Your client now becomes very disappointed with you and your unprofessional behavior. Do you have that luxury to have your clients leave your business?


An effective project management tool can help you resolve all these issues that we talked about and keep your clients happy. Best thing is we built our solution to work completely in SugarCRM which means you don’t need to leave your existing working environment to get things done. With Project Manager you can:

  • Identify tasks that are lingering around and not being done
  • Look at your ongoing projects with greater insight
  • Achieve better performance and team flexibility

If you recognize our Project Manager as solution for your problems, feel free to contact us to learn more. 

I was recently pointed to an infographic published by the consulting firm Luma Partners entitled Sales Tech Lumascape.  I thought this was not only a clever way to describe the myriad of technologies that comprise the CRM Sales landscape, but it frankly brought to my attention just how fragmented and varied this technology space is that SugarCRM contributes to.  Fascinating to see all that innovation and investment play out on one slide.


What also struck me, is that this is why SugarCRM has the channel partner network that we do.  Building the exact right front office technology solution for your business is challenging.  Challenging mostly because there a lot of choices.  


What's right for you?  How do you implement the pieces together?  How do you guarantee success?


I can tell you where to start.  Check out the list of SugarCRM channel partners.


When the Customer Journey Plugin was released in August earlier this year, our tech-savvy customers and friends within the Sugar community quickly jumped on learning about the tool and how they could apply it to their business. While the general consensus was that it was a really cool tool, many businesses felt it didn’t apply to them since they hadn’t built out a customer journey yet. In response, Epicom took the time to dive deeper into the product from Addoptify and find out where it would be most useful for our customers.


We sat down with Krisitian af Sandeberg, the CEO of Addoptify, to learn about how businesses are successfully using the product. What we learned is that the Customer Journey Plugin should be thought of as much more than just a “customer journey tool” because it can be used to manage ANY process in your business. So today, we look at the Customer Journey Plugin in a new way--as a process management tool.


What processes do you have throughout your organization that have multiple steps? Here are some ways to identify processes that could be managed using the Customer Journey Plugin for Sugar:

  • Think of processes that not enough people follow or abide by. Some examples might be the lead qualification process, the process for hand-off of accounts from account execs to account managers, or the quote approval process.
  • Identify processes that your organization’s leadership needs even further insight into. Examples might be lead assignment processes or opportunity creation process.
  • Brainstorm a list of processes that vary between different regions, different product lines, or existing vs. new customers.

Processes can be very complex, hard to keep up with (especially as they change over time) and it can be difficult to have insight into whether users are actually following them. This is where the plugin comes in. To demonstrate how any process can be visually created and managed via the plugin, here’s a fun example we built out of the process for building a PB&J sandwich. 




On a more serious note, we also created examples for Sales, Marketing and Support processes. In the example below we built a customer journey for the process of creating opportunities in the sales department. 




There are several benefits of using the Customer Journey Plugin to manage processes. The graphical view allows users to quickly glance and see where each record lies in a process assigned to them. Management also has additional insight into the workload and forecast of each rep because they can report on the Customer Journey Module. Overall, the plugin enforces more consistent following of processes throughout your organization.


Now that you’ve learned about a new way to think about the plugin, you probably want to learn how to use it. Check out the recording of our recent webcast on how to use the plugin, or reach out to Epicom to learn about a current end-of-year promotion we are offering for the plugin.

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