Jesse Heller

Looking for a Sugar Portal? Look for CASH!

Blog Post created by Jesse Heller on Nov 30, 2016

One of the most frequent requests we get as a leading Sugar partner is from clients that have large groups of customers or partners or other outside reps that may need access to a small portion of their CRM data, but not all of their CRM data. What to do?

Does it make sense to give these folks access to Sugar? Even on a limited access basis? We suspect cash-textnot, for a variety of reasons not the least of which is that these people don’t belong in our clients’ CRM software.

If you’re running CRM software and are in this predicament, do you really want to have to give your customers or your partners a heads up every time you make changes to your CRM? Do they all need really to know about your internal technology initiatives? Depending on your type of business, there might be security considerations as well. Naturally, there are also financial implications in terms of purchasing licenses for all these folks.

With all this in mind, we recently created CASH, the Customer Access Sugar Hub for Sugar. CASH acts as a portal for accessing Sugar data without actually having to be logged into Sugar.


It’s really cool. After you setup the CASH user in your Sugar instance, and assign them rights to Accounts and any other modules they need, they can then log into CASH and see real time, live Sugar data. This includes not only standard Sugar modules like Cases, Contacts, Documents, etc., but also any custom modules that have been created. For example, for our clients who’ve implemented our Sugar Sage Integration or Sugar Quickbooks Integration, they can login and see invoice history detail or open invoices. This is the perfect solution for CRM users who are looking for a Customer Portal.

We have other clients that have businesses with a partner or independent distributor model where their sales team might be hundreds or thousands of independent reps out in the field. For these clients, CASH can be configured to act more as a Partner Portal. CRM users can assign leads or opportunities to CASH users, and then the independent reps can use CASH for the assignment of leads and to keep the SugarCRM users up to date on the status of the leads.

One of the other valuable features in CASH is that we’ve added access to some Global data in Sugar, like the Product Catalog and Documents. With this, Sugar users can give CASH users access to standard company documents like price lists, legal announcements, shipping procedures, etc.


Our Sugar clients that have one of our ERP connectors for Sage, Quickbooks, NetSuite, or Intacctwould generally be syncing inventory data into Sugar from these systems. With CASH, they can choose to show their customers or partners the product catalog with inventory quantities on hand if they desire. What a great time saver for customer service or salespeople to be able to direct customers and partners to CASH rather than have to answer the same questions on the phone day after day.

CASH is hosted on state of the art servers for fast, secure, and reliable performance, and we continue to innovate and add new features and functionality to the product each week.  I encourage everyone to check out the recorded demo on the product web page or contact us as soon as you can for a personalized demo.

If you have a need for a portal into your SugarCRM data, CASH could be the answer.