Glenn Johnson

In the API Economy, You Need More than an API to Enhance CX

Blog Post created by Glenn Johnson on Oct 26, 2016

CRM needs a 360-degree view of customer information in order to deliver optimal Customer Experience (CX). Sugar and most enterprise-ready applications offer robust APIs that create a gateway for information exchange. But these application programming interface gateways are really just open doors. A developer needs much more than an API to efficiently manage connections between applications.


As more and more applications and devices publish their gateway APIs the number of point-to-point hard-coded routines to handle these APIs can create for a very ugly collection of unrelated interface handling programs. Introduce a single upgrade, behavior change or withdrawal of support, and the hard-coded dominoes begin to fall. Rather than dedicating huge amounts of time to developing and maintaining API interfaces manually, it makes more sense to leverage a Visual Studio interface that maintains APIs using a drag, drop and configure methodology that avoids hard-coding of point-to-point interfaces.


Magic xpi Integration Platform’s pre-built adapter for Sugar CRM and library of API interfaces allows you to visually define flows, configure interfaces, map data and transform business processes without putting a strain on your development team. Here’s how:


Magic xpi Integration Platform Component LibraryIncreased Productivity: By automating workflows and sharing data between systems, employees spend less time switching between systems, manually entering duplicate data, contacting others searching for information, and avoid the need to learn a whole new application, giving them more time to focus on their key objectives. For example, freed from redundant data entry, sales staff are able to spend more time reaching out to new prospects, following up on leads, and upselling existing customers.


Increased Revenues/Profitability: Waiting for systems to be updated manually can lead to lost opportunities due to inaccurate information. More opportunities can turn into signed deals when information about the customer and product availability are accessible and up- to-date. By integrating systems and offering self-service opportunities, you make it easy for customers and partners to do business with you, increasing revenue opportunities. Integrating systems also reduces man-hours spent collecting data, transferring data between systems and fixing poorly entered data, making your business more profitable.


Magic xpi Integration Platform Update Customer FlowEnterprise Mobility: Many integration projects are the result of the increasing need to provide seamless and secure mobile access to corporate information anywhere, anytime. Integration solutions let you mobilize and connect backend business processes the way you want to create the most useful and valuable mobile enterprise apps for your business.


A Bigger Picture for Improved Decision Making: Integration allows IT to provide executives with dashboards that present the real-time state of the business with key business indicators across applications. Access to comprehensive real-time data lets management make better- informed decisions.


Increased Satisfaction: Automating businesses processes and data across systems can provide a 360 degree view of the customer and eliminate the need for redundant, mundane error-prone tasks. The fewer steps, interactions and errors it takes to accomplish a mission, the happier you’ll make your customers, partners and employees. In addition, with all information readily at hand, customer-facing staff can provide fast, accurate responses to customer queries and an improved level of service that encourages customer loyalty, repeat purchases and up-sales. Employees are happier when they can spend their time on more rewarding (financially and otherwise) responsibilities. Just ask our customers.




Magic xpi Integration Platform gives you:

  1. Visual flow design.
  2. Automated communication brokering between APIs.
  3. Powerful data mapping.
  4. Limitless transformations.
  5. Business activity monitoring.
  6. Automated error handling.
  7. Full training and documentation.


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