Rachel Brink

10 Reasons Your Business Needs CTI for Sugar

Blog Post created by Rachel Brink on Sep 29, 2016

As a Sugar user, you understand the value an advanced CRM platform can bring to an organization. It can help businesses manage and analyze the vast amount of information their prospects and clients provide, and use it to build lasting customer relationships. But where many organizations are falling short is not in managing their customers’ information, but in leveraging it when it matters most—at the point of the interaction. By integrating Sugar with a robust multichannel communications platform or CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), businesses can simplify

and automate their ability to deliver high quality customer engagements and support, by simply leveraging data they already have.


With seamlessly integrated CTI for Sugar, your business can:


1) Enable Self-Service: Offer customers the ability to self-service their own needs through intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus, enabling them to access important account details directly from Sugar—something 67% of consumers prefer over speaking to a live representative.


2) Intelligently Route Customers: One in four consumers reports constant transferring with no resolution of their problem or inquiry. But by data-dipping into Sugar, an integrated CTI will automatically route customers to the individual best equipped to meet their needs using advanced IVR and skills-based routing tools. 


3) Prioritize Customer Calls: While every customer is important, certain instances require the need to prioritize specific incoming calls due to size, urgency, or client status. With CTI, easily set call priorities and leverage account details within Sugar to ensure your business’ most valued calls are answered first. 


4) Enhance Lead-to-Call: Contacting leads within five minutes increases the likelihood that they convert by nine times. With CTI for Sugar, quickly and efficiently respond to leads and prospects from any source (website, chat, email, and phone) while they are hot, enhancing the likelihood of a successful close.


5) Reach Customers with Greater Efficiency: Today’s consumers are more challenging to reach than ever before. Enhance your agents’ efficiency when reaching out to leads and prospects with advanced auto-dialers and click-to-call functionality available within CTI for Sugar.


6) Increase Contact Rates: 87% of consumers say they would be extremely unlikely to answer a call from an unknown area code. But with CTI for Sugar, automatically reach out to leads and prospects from their own local area code using local presence dialing technology, a feature that has shown to increase contact rates by over 400%.


7) Automate Screen-Pop: Automatically populate agent screens with each customer’s record/previous interactions upon every outgoing or incoming call, removing the need for reps to do so manually while enhancing the likelihood of a seamless customer engagement.


8) Provide Dynamic Scripts: Automatically populate agent screens with personalized dynamic scripts which leverage customer information stored within Sugar (i.e. customer name, account details, etc.) offering agents custom prompts and mandating the collection of certain fields for targeted and relevant engagements.


9) Facilitate Follow-Ups and Nurturing: By simply selecting a disposition highlighting the result of an interaction, automatically place customers in designated campaigns or workflows to trigger any necessary follow-up steps while nurturing them through the sales funnel with ease.


10) Automate Record Keeping and Call Recording: Less than 10% of interactions are entered into the typical CRM. But with an advanced CTI, automatically store records, transcripts, notes, and recordings of every customer interaction in Sugar for future use or reference.


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