Katie Liesmann

3 Ways to Use Sugar for Marketing

Blog Post created by Katie Liesmann on Sep 26, 2016

While Sugar is most known for sales team enablement, it also has features that make it great for marketing teams. Keep reading to learn three ways to use Sugar for marketing.  


Segment Records

You wouldn’t put a customer and a prospective customer through the same kind of marketing campaign, would you? Sugar’s Target List Module lets you segment your customers based on the type of campaign you are working on. Target lists can be applied to a Campaign for emailing, or exported for event or telephone campaigns. Target Lists are created by pulling from previously created reports. You could use those reports to segment customers based on where they are in the sales cycle, assigned rep, geographical location, and more.


Create Automated Nurtures

An email nurture allows you to send marketing messages to leads not being actively worked, allowing you to stay top of mind. Although not the most robust marketing campaign tool on the market, Sugar can definitely be used to build basic nurture campaigns. You can use a scheduler to send emails to your contacts on specified dates and times. The emails are built using HTML and you can build in dynamic fields to personalize emails with peoples names, titles, company name, or other fields in your CRM.


Use Metrics to track Campaign Success

Sugar will track which Leads, Contacts or Opportunities are associated with each campaign. This allows the user to calculate ROI and track the success of each campaign in the system. You can drill down even further to see how each email message performs by using tracker links, which allow you to track email opens and link clicks. This information arms the marketing team to continuously improve upon campaign strategy. 


To learn best practices about working with Target Lists and Campaigns in Sugar, sign up for our upcoming Sugar User Group in which we’ll do a short training on creating Campaigns.