Jared Fuller

Part 4 - 4 Reasons to Implement Sales Enablement

Blog Post created by Jared Fuller on Sep 12, 2016

In my four part series (1, 2, and 3), I’ve discussed the value of adding sales enablement to your sales process. It is now time for the conclusion: how to set yourself apart from the competition.


Your time and deliverables become more valuable to your customers when you make the sales process easier. It’s that simple.


Think of it this way. A lead comes to you in the healthcare field. You’ve had a few healthcare customers before, but it’s not a large portion of your lead pool. You send out your standard contract, white paper and blog post that you use for your technology customers. This automatically makes your healthcare lead feel that you don't understand their market, so they look elsewhere for services.


By adding relevant sales enablement to your services or your sales process, you're setting yourself apart from the general sales flow (and your competition) showing your customers (and the rest of your organization) that you can be more successful, relevant, and convincing by coming prepared with content, documentation, case studies, and technology that resonate with potential customers and their relevant markets.


This not only makes the buyers’ experience easier and more enjoyable, it helps your sales process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


In conclusion…


When you look at sales enablement as a whole, there’s really nothing that can go wrong with making your sales process more relevant to your leads and more effective in converting leads to customers. By arming your sales team with the right sales enablement tools, you're setting yourself up for success.

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