Maulik Shah

Why Integrate Surveys With SugarCRM

Blog Post created by Maulik Shah on Aug 29, 2016

One of the best ways you can enhance customer satisfaction is by understanding exactly what they want from you as a business. Surveys can be very helpful in this regard. They can give you valuable insights about your customers at each stage of their purchase journey and help you not only close more sales but also increase satisfaction levels for your existing customers.


But unless you have a survey solution that is integrated to your CRM, you can really benefit from the tons of customer data you always have, not to mention the hassles of collating all the contact details all over again and send them standalone surveys. And once you get all the feedback you wouldn't know how best to make use of that data, because it wouldn't be available automatically in your CRM.regnum_picture_1461258157329556_normal.jpg


Keeping this point in mind, we at Biztech, came up with a survey tool that works from within your Sugar instance and is a complete survey solution for Sugar.


So why should you have a survey tool in your SugarCRM?


Here are 5 great reasons why you should.


  1. Make the best use of all leads, opportunities and customers data to send surveys instantly to people who matter the most for your business.
  2. Get real time feedback from your contacts anytime you want to make a critical business or marketing decision.
  3. Solve customer complaints (through the survey feedback), even before they actually register a complaint.
  4. Let the right team member act on any actionable insight obtained from the survey. An integrated survey tool automates this whole process.
  5. With a CRM integrated survey, even if the wrong person fills out the survey and gives feedback, you know who the real decision maker in that organization is and proactively reach out to them with your solution.    


No matter what kind of survey you conduct, if it integrates deeply with your SugarCRM you can make your CRM data work to conduct better quality surveys. Conversely, the data from your surveys can be used to service your customers better if its part of your CRM system. CRM and feedback surveys share a symbiotic relationship that can benefit your organization as a whole.