Jared Fuller

Part 3 - 4 Reasons to Implement Sales Enablement

Blog Post created by Jared Fuller on Aug 23, 2016

As a sales rep and/or sales leader, you’re on the front lines every day trying to close more deals to hit your revenue goals. But there is one thing you can add to your sales process to bring your leads further to the finish line - sales enablement.


In my previous blog post here and here, we talked making your sales content relevant to the opportunity and why non- converting customers are a thing of the past. This week I am going to tell you how to turn your lead gen engine into a revenue-generating engine.


There’s a distinction between being great at bringing in a large number of leads and being great at making them customers.


The difference? Revenue. With sales enablement, you are setting up a sales team for a smoother ride to revenue, creating more value than a hundred non-converting leads could.


Not to mention, customer referrals and testimonials are the #1 way to bring in more clients. By creating a more relevant experience for your customers and tying yourself to the revenue numbers, you’re ensuring not only an awesome, continuing relationship with each customer but you're also creating the chance that their success story can lead to more opportunities for you.


In my final part next week, we’ll discuss how to set yourself apart from the competition. Thanks for sticking with me!