Jared Fuller

Part 2: 4 Reasons to Implement Sales Enablement

Blog Post created by Jared Fuller on Aug 18, 2016

In our 4 part series on the Sugar Community, we are discussing why adding sales enablement to your sales process will take you further with leads and prepare you to close more customers.


In part 1, we talked about why you needed to make your sales content relevant to your sales opportunity. This week we are covering why non-converting customers are becoming a thing of the past.


Creating and finding leads gets your foot in the door, but does that mean they’ve really entered the sales cycle?


I’ve said in the past, “What’s the use of someone becoming a lead and then an opportunity, if you can’t then actually have a closing conversation with them, and deliver something to them, where they sign on the dotted line, or pay for the product or service?”


Think of it this way: marketing generates dozens of leads and then says “Have fun!”, leaving your sales team to figure out exactly how they’re going to turn them into paying customers. While it’s not marketing’s job to sell the product and convert customers outright, leaving leads on the table and merely hoping that they’ll turn into customers is the same as leaving those leads to die.


With sales enablement, particularly when you deliver the right content to your lead, you increase the conversion rates of those leads, allowing the sales team to do a better job at hooking those companies and bringing them through the finish line.


Sales enablement tools are more than just the butter to your bread – they’re the plate that your waiter keeps filling up when you’ve finished off your baguette.

Stay tuned for part 3 next week where I’ll talk about turning your lead gen engine into a rev gen engine. And in the meantime, if you want to learn more about our integration with Sugar, check out our website.


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