Katie Liesmann

Slack & Sugar: Increasing User Productivity Within Sugar

Blog Post created by Katie Liesmann on Aug 10, 2016

By adopting Sugar, you've already made a step in the right direction in making your users more productive. Another way to improve user productivity is to integrate your Sugar instance with your company communication tool. Today many organizations are using Slack to communicate, which is why Epicom created a free integration between Slack and Sugar. Keep reading to learn how the app works and how you can use it to increase user productivity.


Value of Integrating Slack & Sugar

This integration is designed to improve user productivity, increase user adoption of Sugar, and improve transparency into company data across the organization. The app lets your users reference Leads, Cases, and more, without having a Sugar License. This means that anyone in your organization who uses Slack can now see record info that’s relevant to them (for example, accounting could pull up info on the main point of contact at a customer account). The recurring reports increase transparency into company data--which in turn increases accountability to perform well and to enter data into Sugar.

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Basic Functionality

Epicom’s Sugar integration for Slack combines Slack, an effective group communication tool, with Sugar, a powerful and affordable CRM platform. Your team can view and collaborate on Sugar data for Accounts, Leads and Cases within Slack. The integration has three main functions: commands, reports (notifications), and questions. Users interact with sugarbot, a fun character who retrieves information from Sugar, using predefined commands and questions. Reports are received as notifications on a weekly or monthly basis--choose from a list of predefined reports such as weekly new leads or opportunities won each month.


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Ability to Customize

There are many ways to add more functionality to the Sugar integration for Slack. The app can be customized to access more modules, to create records, or to run reports on the fly. You could use Slack as a support tool and let your customers create support cases. You could use it to let employees who don’t have a Sugar license report a bug or issue they are dealing with. And those are just a few ideas. The open API of both Slack and Sugar allow the application to be customized to your needs. 


Not only did the integration win "best in class" for the category of user productivity at SugarCon's App Throwdown, but it also has been featured on Slack's blog. You can download and install the Sugar integration for Slack on Sugar Exchange by going here. Or if you have questions, reach out to our team here. What tool do you use to communicate? Do you have a way to integrate the two? Let us know in the comments!