Rikki Green

Four Phases To Sugar Success

Blog Post created by Rikki Green on Jun 1, 2016

four-step-customer-engagement-lev.pngDuring our 11 years as an Elite SugarCRM partner we’ve learned a lot about what makes for a successful deployment of customer engagement platforms (CEPs) like Sugar. We’ve identified  four phases and each has important, tangible outcomes that add up to optimized business processes and greater ROI.

  1. Selection/Vision--CEP ownership requires clear objectives, responsibilities, and lines of communication. Through this phase, we identify issues with the your organization’s “as is” state. We help you clarify your vision and ensure all stakeholder groups are represented: line of business, IT, and executive leadership.
  2. Implementation/Transformation--Ongoing communication between stakeholders surfaces any challenges and opportunities that need attention. In this phase, we verify that all solution components operate as planned and that users receive adequate training. Training is critical to user adoption and success.
  3. Support/Management--CEPs don’t manage themselves. From our team of experts, you’ll receive guidance in planning and decision making about CEP enhancements that boost ROI.
  4. Ongoing Success with an Eye to the Future--The pace of change demands that companies consider the impact of technology, market and industry  trends, and customer challenges on the evolution of its CEP.

Choosing a strong partner can accelerate the effectiveness of a CEP. We’re experts in enabling  customer engagement and improving business process decisions for companies that rely on Sugar. If you want to confidently navigate every phase of your Sugar investment, swing by our booth at SugarCon or visit us today.