Jesse Heller

Integrated CRM as the Central Hub of an Organization

Blog Post created by Jesse Heller on May 13, 2016

iCRM.jpgDoing any kind of billing, sales, marketing, support or operations without an integrated CRM is like fishing for tuna with a big net, catching 1000 fish, and having no idea which fish are edible, which fish are toxic, or not even knowing if the fish are really tuna. Sounds like a recipe for going hungry!

The point is that CRM without an integrated strategy is the definition of controlled chaos. It couldn’t be a more inefficient way to achieve organizational success. Integrating systems with your CRM is the first step in the right direction toward getting all the teams in your organization the visibility they need to ensure operational success.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.42.28 AM.png

With all the information that is coming in and out of ERP systems, Cloud document platforms and Marketing Automation tools, there is absolutely no reason that all of the data shouldn’t be accessible by everyone within an organization.

The “Hub” of the organization means that ALL customer related data flows into a CRM software. Information about leads, customers and critical data sources for all human and digital touch-points during customer engagement needs to be in one repository.

Software that stands alone can result in silos, redundant data entry, and duplication of effort, unintended errors…and just overall unhappy people. Wow that sounds bad. When you integrate software, you’re bringing software and people together. Our clients integrate Sugar with everything that they can. As a result, our clients see fewer errors and greater productivity; they have faster access to data, streamlined operations and overall happier people.

Sounds like a recipe for success doesn’t it?

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