Get to know SugarExchange, your gateway to SugarCRM’s ISV Partner Ecosystem

Blog Post created by mweitzel Employee on Feb 21, 2016

SugarExchange___SugarCRM_and_Write_a_New_Blog_Post___SugarCRM_Community.pngWelcome to the Partner Corner blog! We’ll use our part of the SugarCommunity to discuss topics relevant to our ecosystem, welcome new partners, remind you of some of our favorites, and update you on changes to SugarExchange. We'll also give some of our partners an opportunity to present their thought leadership through our guest blog series. However, in this first edition, we’re going to make sure everyone is familiar with SugarExchange.


Launched shortly after SugarCon 2015, SugarExchange is the definitive place for you to discover innovative applications that complement their Sugar environment. For example, if you would like to increase your chances of getting a warm introduction to a lead, use TrustSphere, an application that will introspect on your internal systems and show how your teams are connected to a prospective account.


Need a Marketing Automation solution? Go to “Campaign Management” within the Marketing category, where you’ll find partners such as Silverpop, Act-On, SalesFusion, and others. SugarExchange is also a great place to find “connectors” that integrate Sugar with popular web applications such as Docusign, Eventbrite, Box, and many, more.


With over 160 application listings covering eight categories, SugarCRM provides customers with a breadth of options. We’re constantly growing our partner network, improving the SugarExchange platform and looking for innovative technology that will help you create extraordinary customer relationships.


So pull up a chair, "virtually" by following this blog. If you've got suggestions or ideas that you'd like to hear about, drop Mark Weitzel or Donna Ewart a message.


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Mark W.

Sr. Director, Worldwide ISV Alliances