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Announcing SugarClub - Are you in? 

Blog Post created by Alex Nassi Employee on Jul 20, 2020

In two weeks, we’re thrilled to personally invite you to the SugarClub. Come join fellow Sugar enthusiasts to Engage, Learn, and Explore as part of one elite team. The Club, which will replace the existing Community, will be customers one-stop-shop for all things Sugar. As valued Community members, we are so excited to welcome you to this next step in the evolution of the SugarCRM community. Read on for important dates and instructions for the premiere of SugarClub.


The Story

The launch of SugarClub will be much more than the next step in the evolution of the SugarCRM Community. The Club represents a new outlook and direction of what “community” represents to SugarCRM and is more than just added functionality and content.


The Club focuses on rich and personalized user experiences, simple navigation, advocacy, engagement, training & certification, and impactful interactions.


What does this mean for Community members?

The existing SugarCRM Community will soon be retired, and all traffic will be directed to The Club. There will be a short overlap for the two sites to help ease the transition to SugarClub. The Club is a completely new experience and we hope users will embrace this change and quickly see the benefits.


While designing The Club, our team has been keeping existing use cases in mind, and this site will continue to fulfill your needs. Recent and relevant content will be migrated to The Club, but we will also remove outdated content to ensure Club members can easily find fresh content. Community member contributions and reputation will be properly accounted for (i.e. your points will be converted!)


Important Dates

The Sugar Community will move to a “read-only” state during the US business day on July 31, 2020. SugarClub is scheduled to go live on August 3, 2020. More information will be provided closer to the launch date, so keep an eye out in the Community and on your inbox for updates.


Please see below for more details (*dates and milestones subject to change*).

July 31

SugarCRM Community goes into Read-only mode

  • All existing content will still be accessible, but community members will not be able to create or reply/comment on any posts. 

Aug 3


Aug 17 is no longer available and will redirect to


Who do I contact with questions or feedback?

After SugarClub is live, we’ll be soliciting feedback from Club members, allowing you to share what you like and provide suggestions for areas of improvement.


If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to for assistance and our team will do our best to assist you. We can’t wait to see you in The Club!



The SugarClub Team