Brieanne Rowe

New Courses in Sugar University!

Blog Post created by Brieanne Rowe Employee on Apr 25, 2017

We are pleased to announce new prescribed Online Role-based Learning and new Live Training courses to make Sugar adoption and advanced training even better on Sugar University. All of the courses found in Sugar University are available to Sugar customers and partners.


Online Role-based Learning Pathways

Enrolling in a learning pathway is a great place to start learning the essentials of Sugar at your own pace. Our learning pathways are built based on select job roles and functions, such as End Users, Marketing Users, Sales Operations, Administrators, Developers, and more.

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New Live Training Courses

Introduction to Sugar

for End Users

(virtual, 4-hour class)

This introductory course is for new Sugar users who are looking for practical, hands-on experience to help them hit the ground running with Sugar. We will cover how to navigate Sugar efficiently, personalize your dashboards, manage and create records, and activities.

Sugar Reporting

(virtual, 2-hour class)

This course is for any Sugar user that is looking to learn how to run reports efficiently in Sugar. We'll provide you the practical hands on experience necessary to use Sugar's Reports module to run, share, and schedule the reports you need.
Working with Sugar Studio (virtual, 3-hour class)This course is for new administrators who are looking for a quick way to get started configuring Sugar to meet their business needs. Learn how to leverage Sugar's powerful interface to create/customize fields, hide unused fields, change page layouts, and create relationships.

Using Sugar Logic

(virtual, 3-hour class)

This course will give administrators the tools necessary to use Sugar Logic to create calculated and dependent fields in existing or custom Sugar modules.

Record & Module Level Security

(virtual, 4-hour class)

This course provides administrators with an understanding of Sugar's robust security model, and how it can be used to manage user access within the application. Learn how to effectively use Teams and Roles to control how your users interact with your company data.

Introduction to Advanced Workflow

(virtual, 4-hour class)

This course is for administrators who would like to explore Advanced Workflow and all it has to offer. Learn how to work with Sugar's Advanced Workflow to create process definitions, process business rules, process email templates, and how to manage running processes.