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New Knowledge Base Articles Published

Blog Post created by Ellen True Employee on Sep 20, 2016

Here's the latest round of Knowledge Base articles available on the Support Site! Kudos to Sugar's Support team for contributing their brains and understanding of our customer needs. We hope it's helpful! Feel free to comment with any administrator or end-user topics you'd like to see written.



Excluding Recipients From a Campaign  New

Removing Invalid Email Addresses From Campaigns  New

Removing Required Fields From Web-to-Lead Forms  New

Troubleshooting Missing Subpanels in the Campaigns Module  New

Connectors and Integrations

Creating Cases Via the Twitter Dashlet  New

Integrating With Google for Admins  New

Integrating With Google for End Users  New

Integrating With GoToMeeting for End Users  New

Integrating With GoToMeeting for Admins  New


Import and Export

Exporting Records With Special Characters  New

Importing Revenue Line Items to Relate to Opportunities New



Identifying User Roles via Advanced Reports New

Reporting on Record Change Logs via Advanced Reports New

Reporting on User Activity  New

Reporting on Users Counting Towards Licensed User Accounts  New

Troubleshooting Missing Results in Reports  New

Understanding Sugar’s Stock Reports  New

Understanding Tracker Reports  New


End Users

Reordering Subpanels for End Users  New


Troubleshooting, etc

Sending a Log File From SugarCRM Mobile  New

Troubleshooting Connecting Sugar to Gmail  Updated

Troubleshooting Outlook Not Displaying the Sugar Toolbar  Updated

Troubleshooting Sticky Account Names on Leads  New

Using Private Browser Sessions to Troubleshoot  New



Adding a Field to Mass Update  Updated

Calculated Field – Determining If a Field is Blank  Updated

Changing a Dropdown Option’s Database Name  New

Converting a Multiselect Field to a Dropdown Field  New

Creating Role-Based Dropdown Lists  New

Creating Role-Based Record Views  New

Editing a Module’s Dashlet in Sugar 7  New

Increasing the Size of the Web Page Dashlet  New


Process Author

Assigning Records to New Users Using Process Author  New

Capturing the Sales Stage When an Opportunity Closes  New

Triggering on “To” and “From” Field Vales in Process Author  New



Capturing Case Time to Resolution Using Sugar Logic and Workflows  New

Troubleshooting Workflow Alert Emails Failing to Send New


PDF Manager

Changing PDF Logos in PDF Manager  New

Introduction to Smarty Modifiers for Sugar PDF Templates  New


Users, Roles, and Teams

Creating Users  Updated

Handling Obsolete User Accounts  New

Understanding Admin and Developer Access in Roles  New


Password Management

Configuring SSO With Active Directory’s ADFS  New


Health Check

Health Check Error: Found usage of array functions on $_SESSION in files  New

Health Check Error: Invalid Process Author Field Use  New

Health Check Error: Invalid Process Author Serialization  New

Health Check Error: PHP Error in File  New



Converting Address’ Country field to a Dropdown  New



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