Chris Raffle

Improvements to On-Demand Email Notifications

Blog Post created by Chris Raffle Employee on Apr 19, 2016

Hi All,


I am excited to announce that we released expanded functionality for our On-Demand-hosted customers to keep them better informed on critical announcements regarding their On-Demand instance. Historically, we have sent all critical On-Demand notifications (e.g. major version upgrade notifications, maintenance window alerts, etc.) to any admin user in the instance with a configured email address. Where this created a potential gap in communication was when there were additional parties beyond that admin user group that needed to be aware of these occurrences in order to plan and take proper precautions.


On-Demand customers running version 7.6 and higher are now able to manage additional email addresses to receive these email communications as described in our On-Demand Policy Guide. Now, groups like your IT team, Sugar partner, or internal distribution lists can receive these notifications and eliminate the bottleneck of the admin users having to inform those critical groups directly. Please note that we will continue sending all notifications to the configured email address of each admin user in the instance, and this new functionality is only intended to complement that initial group of recipients.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new functionality, please reply to this post and we will respond as soon as possible.




Chris Raffle

Sr. Director, Technical Support