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SugarCRM Inc.®, the company that helps organizations build better business relationships, today announced that it has appointed Craig Charlton as chief executive officer effective immediately. Charlton succeeds Larry Augustin, SugarCRM’s former CEO, who has been named chairman of the board of directors.


“Craig is going to take SugarCRM to the next level,” said Augustin. “His experience in accelerating growth organically and through acquisitions, his passion for acquiring and servicing customers at global scale and his expertise in building, selling, implementing and supporting Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems make him an extraordinary fit for SugarCRM.” Augustin continued, “He is the right person to lead SugarCRM to the next stage of growth.”


Charlton has spent over 25 years building and running high-growth businesses. Most recently, he was CEO of Oildex, a provider of financial automation software and services for the oil and gas industry, where he helped the company achieve 150% bookings growth, leading to the company’s acquisition by Drillinginfo. Before joining Oildex, Craig was CEO of Abila, a provider of financial and CRM software and services to associations, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities. Abila, which was acquired by Community Brands, grew its revenues threefold and transformed its revenue base to a subscription-based (SaaS) model over a three-year period.


Prior to that, Charlton was senior vice president and general manager Asia Pacific at Epicor Software Corporation, an industry-leading ERP solution provider, where he developed and executed the company’s regional strategy, achieving consistent revenue and profit growth.


“I’m incredibly excited to join the SugarCRM team,” said Charlton. “SugarCRM has that rare combination of a passionate customer base, high-performing channel partners and market-leading solutions that help customers increase the productivity of their sales, service and marketing teams. The company has a relentless focus on delivering an intuitive user experience, dedication to technology innovation and significant market momentum. I’m honored to join all of the great people that have fueled SugarCRM’s success and look forward to helping the company accelerate growth.”


Larry Augustin will remain actively involved in the company as chairman of the board of directors. He will continue to assist the company with long-term strategy and customer evangelism. During Augustin’s tenure as CEO, the company grew revenue by 10x and established itself as a leading CRM disruptor with more than 5,000 customers and 2 million users in over 120 countries. SugarCRM is the number one vendor in the prestigious PCMag Readers’ Choice Awards with the highest Net Promoter Score in the survey.


“We’re starting a new phase of growth for SugarCRM,” added Charlton. “I’m grateful to Larry for building a company that has such a strong foundation and bright future ahead. The employees at SugarCRM are world class and the value that we are providing to companies worldwide has and will only continue to grow.”


Notes to editors:


About SugarCRM

SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most empowering, adaptable and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) solution on the market. Unlike traditional CRM solutions that focus primarily on management and reporting, Sugar empowers the individual, coordinating the actions of customer-facing employees and equipping them with the right information at the right time to transform the customer experience. More than 2 million individuals in over 120 countries rely on SugarCRM. To learn more visit or follow @SugarCRM.


NOTE: SugarCRM and the SugarCRM logo are registered trademarks of SugarCRM Inc. Third-party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.


Originally posted on February 14, 2019: SugarCRM Appoints Craig Charlton as New CEO | SugarCRM 

On December 15th, 2018, SugarCRM will be implementing changes to our public-facing portal to improve security and better protect our users. As a result of these improvements, the option to log in to SugarCRM portals will be removed and all users will be required to use their registered email address to authenticate. 

This change should be transparent for most users, but if you encounter any issues logging in to the community or other portals as a result of this change, please email for assistance. 

It was four years ago that I announced in my SugarCRM in the Next 10 Years post how SugarCRM would not be releasing new versions of the Sugar Community Edition CRM product, making Sugar 6.5 the last version of Sugar CE.  In mid 2017, we announced that Sugar 6.5 had reached it's end-of-life and would no longer be supported.  It is now time for the SugarCRM open source project to come to conclusion.


We are announcing today that the SugarCRM open source project and the corresponding Sugar Community Edition product are ending.  To be clear, SugarCRM has ended development and maintenance of the Community Edition. SugarCRM no longer issues new bug fixes, security updates and patches for the Community Edition, and will be soon removing all Community Edition downloads from


We want to thank all of the developers and users who made Community Edition such a special project for fourteen years.  For those curious about using Sugar, or users of Community Edition in production - we recommend starting a Free Trial of Sugar - get started here:


Thank you for your support over the years and we look forward to continuing the relationship with you as users of the Sugar Professional or Sugar Enterprise editions.


Clint Oram, CMO & Co-Founder

SugarCRM Inc.

Birds of a Feather SugarCon Sessions = User Groups


The SugarCon team has organized a series of Birds of a Feather sessions, providing SugarCon attendees a unique way to connect and share best practices and success stories with other Sugar users and experts from similar industries. These informal, open sessions allow SugarCon attendees to learn practical, helpful solutions in a relaxed and fun setting, as well as exchange ideas and network with peers.


In order to keep the SugarCon Birds of a Feather sessions conversations going, we are launching Online User Groups and Special Interest Groups in the SugarCRM Community!


These groups are available for EVERYONE, even if you are not able to join us at SugarCon this year -- all you have to do is join a group relevant to your interests in the SugarCRM Community. The groups, corresponding to SugarCon track sessions, are:

  • UG: ManufacturingHow to Gain and Retain Customers in the Manufacturing Business
    • Join the conversation at SugarCon - Wednesday, September 27th, 1:00pm
  • UG: Sales Automation: Deep Dive, Innovation & Best Practices
    • Join the conversation at SugarCon - Tuesday, September 26th, 2:00pm
  • UG: Finance and Insurance: How to Know and Win Over Your Customers
    • Join the conversation at SugarCon - Tuesday, September 26th, 1:00pm
  • UG: Professional ServicesHow to Optimize Relationships in a Subscription Economy
    • Join the conversation at SugarCon - Tuesday, September 26th, 3:00pm
  • UG: Marketing and Sales Alignment: How CRM and Marketing Automation Fit Together
    • Join the conversation at SugarCon - Wednesday, September 27th, 11:00am
  • UG: Customer Support / Customer Engagement: From "Customer Support" to Customer Delight
    • Join the conversation at SugarCon - Tuesday, September 26th, 4:00pm
  • SIG: GDPR Roundtable
    • Join the conversation at SugarCon - Tuesday, September 26th, 2:00pm


These groups are being launched ahead of SugarCon so that our community members can start conversations, bring up interesting topics, and get to know one another! Use the group links above to navigate to a group's page and simply click the "Join group" button to join the conversation. 


How to join community group


We hope you will be joining us at SugarCon 2017. For more information, check out the SugarCon website and the SugarCon space in the community!

New Sugar Release Process

Posted by snarang Employee Sep 18, 2017

We have some exciting news to share about SugarCRM moving to an improved release process for Sugar, our core Relationship Management product:


Sugar On-Demand

Our next Sugar On-Demand release, “Fall ‘17” is scheduled to go live on October 20th, 2017. Starting with that release, Sugar On-Demand will increase its release cadence to a quarterly cycle, delivering a more predictable and higher quality product. This means customers can count on faster product innovation with each quarterly Sugar On-Demand release.


Sugar On-Premise

Sugar On-Premise will move to a more predictable annual release model aligning with each year’s Spring On-Demand release. Each On-Premise release will roll up “production hardened” features from the preceding Summer, Fall and Winter Sugar On-Demand releases. This annual feature roll up will give customers more predictability in coordinating their Sugar On-Premise upgrade.


Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your SugarCRM account representative or SugarCRM partner. We hope you are able to join us at SugarCon in San Francisco next week.

Best regards,


Shilpi Narang
VP, Customer Success
SugarCRM, Inc.

On June 27th, SugarCRM hosted a group of customers and partners at our headquarters in Cupertino to celebrate the release of our new relationship intelligence tool, SugarCRM Hint! Hint is designed to accelerate call preparation time by providing sales people with all the customer contact and social network information they need with just a name and an email. 


We wanted to share some pictures from this event and invite you to learn more about Hint during our Hint webinar on Thursday, August 10th at 2pm EST / 11am PST.



Read the report from Nucleus Research, a leading technology analyst firm, for their take on it (they found Hint pays for itself!) Or, if you want to get right to it, sign-up now for your free 30 day evaluation.

We are pleased to announce new prescribed Online Role-based Learning and new Live Training courses to make Sugar adoption and advanced training even better on Sugar University. All of the courses found in Sugar University are available to Sugar customers and partners.


Online Role-based Learning Pathways

Enrolling in a learning pathway is a great place to start learning the essentials of Sugar at your own pace. Our learning pathways are built based on select job roles and functions, such as End Users, Marketing Users, Sales Operations, Administrators, Developers, and more.

Check out all of our learning pathways >


New Live Training Courses

Introduction to Sugar

for End Users

(virtual, 4-hour class)

This introductory course is for new Sugar users who are looking for practical, hands-on experience to help them hit the ground running with Sugar. We will cover how to navigate Sugar efficiently, personalize your dashboards, manage and create records, and activities.

Sugar Reporting

(virtual, 2-hour class)

This course is for any Sugar user that is looking to learn how to run reports efficiently in Sugar. We'll provide you the practical hands on experience necessary to use Sugar's Reports module to run, share, and schedule the reports you need.
Working with Sugar Studio (virtual, 3-hour class)This course is for new administrators who are looking for a quick way to get started configuring Sugar to meet their business needs. Learn how to leverage Sugar's powerful interface to create/customize fields, hide unused fields, change page layouts, and create relationships.

Using Sugar Logic

(virtual, 3-hour class)

This course will give administrators the tools necessary to use Sugar Logic to create calculated and dependent fields in existing or custom Sugar modules.

Record & Module Level Security

(virtual, 4-hour class)

This course provides administrators with an understanding of Sugar's robust security model, and how it can be used to manage user access within the application. Learn how to effectively use Teams and Roles to control how your users interact with your company data.

Introduction to Advanced Workflow

(virtual, 4-hour class)

This course is for administrators who would like to explore Advanced Workflow and all it has to offer. Learn how to work with Sugar's Advanced Workflow to create process definitions, process business rules, process email templates, and how to manage running processes.



Ellen True

Support Site Updates

Posted by Ellen True Employee Apr 17, 2017

I'm very pleased to announce some recent updates to SugarCRM's support site! In addition to updating the look and feel, we've made some exciting functional changes that improve the site's usability:


Search has moved to the top header. It will remain accessible as you move through the site thanks to the headers sticking as you scroll.

Search Filters

Select filters to narrow your search results and find the content you need. If no options are selected within a filter box, results from all options will be shown. If two or more options within a box are selected, pages matching either option will return.

Default Version and Edition

The Version and Edition filters will default to the version and edition you've selected via the User menu. You can also make your selections via the search results page by clicking "Set Default" in the relevant boxes. In addition to improving searches, these settings control where you land when clicking smart links in our content.

User Menu

The User menu at the top right provides the following functionality:

  • Defaults : Select the version and edition of Sugar you use. This will automatically filter your search results as well as control where you land when clicking smart links in our content.
  • Case Portal : For support-authorized contacts, access your SugarCRM Support cases.
  • Profile : View and edit your user profile.
  • Log In / Log Out : Log into your account to leave page ratings as well as to access the case portal, downloads manager, etc.

Case Portal

The Case Portal is still easily accessible in the grey header. The portal can also be accessed via the User menu.

Persistent Headers

When you scroll, the top header will remain visible, making it easy to search or navigate elsewhere on the site. On pages showing a navigation tree and table of contents, the header of the left menu also now persists while the menu below it scrolls.


Many thanks to Jerry Clark and his team. Check out the changes at and let us know what you think!

We recently launched a new customer engagement program called Sugar Insiders. The purpose of this program is to educate new customers and recognize existing customers that go above and beyond when it comes to using Sugar and interacting with our brand. Please read our program overview below to learn more.


Program Overview:

Sugar Insiders is your diving board into all things Sugar. Where we give you the latest news, ask for product feedback and reward you for your engagement along the way. Whether you just want to stay in the loop, participate in exclusive customer beta programs, or want Sugar swag, we want you.


Rebecca and I will post challenges where you will earn points for completion. As you complete challenges, new ones appear and you will start to get recognized for your engagement on our customer leaderboard. If something new or important is happening, we’ll post it here so you’ll be the first to know. And remember all those points you’ve been stacking up? They can be redeemed for gift cards, hoodies, stickers or even tickets to our annual user conference, SugarCon.


If you don’t want to help us “spread the word” with a tweet, that’s okay! But we’d really like your feedback and to reward you for being the passionate vocal customer that you are.


With that we are thrilled to invite you inside.



Keith Nyberg & Rebecca Jukoski


How to Join:

You can request access to join Sugar Insiders here: Join Sugar Insiders | SugarCRM 

Already a member? Login here.

Program Dashboard:


Challenge Examples:

Here's the latest round of Knowledge Base articles available on the Support Site! Kudos to Sugar's Support team for contributing their brains and understanding of our customer needs. We hope it's helpful! Feel free to comment with any administrator or end-user topics you'd like to see written.



Excluding Recipients From a Campaign  New

Removing Invalid Email Addresses From Campaigns  New

Removing Required Fields From Web-to-Lead Forms  New

Troubleshooting Missing Subpanels in the Campaigns Module  New

Connectors and Integrations

Creating Cases Via the Twitter Dashlet  New

Integrating With Google for Admins  New

Integrating With Google for End Users  New

Integrating With GoToMeeting for End Users  New

Integrating With GoToMeeting for Admins  New


Import and Export

Exporting Records With Special Characters  New

Importing Revenue Line Items to Relate to Opportunities New



Identifying User Roles via Advanced Reports New

Reporting on Record Change Logs via Advanced Reports New

Reporting on User Activity  New

Reporting on Users Counting Towards Licensed User Accounts  New

Troubleshooting Missing Results in Reports  New

Understanding Sugar’s Stock Reports  New

Understanding Tracker Reports  New


End Users

Reordering Subpanels for End Users  New


Troubleshooting, etc

Sending a Log File From SugarCRM Mobile  New

Troubleshooting Connecting Sugar to Gmail  Updated

Troubleshooting Outlook Not Displaying the Sugar Toolbar  Updated

Troubleshooting Sticky Account Names on Leads  New

Using Private Browser Sessions to Troubleshoot  New



Adding a Field to Mass Update  Updated

Calculated Field – Determining If a Field is Blank  Updated

Changing a Dropdown Option’s Database Name  New

Converting a Multiselect Field to a Dropdown Field  New

Creating Role-Based Dropdown Lists  New

Creating Role-Based Record Views  New

Editing a Module’s Dashlet in Sugar 7  New

Increasing the Size of the Web Page Dashlet  New


Process Author

Assigning Records to New Users Using Process Author  New

Capturing the Sales Stage When an Opportunity Closes  New

Triggering on “To” and “From” Field Vales in Process Author  New



Capturing Case Time to Resolution Using Sugar Logic and Workflows  New

Troubleshooting Workflow Alert Emails Failing to Send New


PDF Manager

Changing PDF Logos in PDF Manager  New

Introduction to Smarty Modifiers for Sugar PDF Templates  New


Users, Roles, and Teams

Creating Users  Updated

Handling Obsolete User Accounts  New

Understanding Admin and Developer Access in Roles  New


Password Management

Configuring SSO With Active Directory’s ADFS  New


Health Check

Health Check Error: Found usage of array functions on $_SESSION in files  New

Health Check Error: Invalid Process Author Field Use  New

Health Check Error: Invalid Process Author Serialization  New

Health Check Error: PHP Error in File  New



Converting Address’ Country field to a Dropdown  New



Ellen True,
Knowledge Manager

Hi All,


I am excited to announce that we released expanded functionality for our On-Demand-hosted customers to keep them better informed on critical announcements regarding their On-Demand instance. Historically, we have sent all critical On-Demand notifications (e.g. major version upgrade notifications, maintenance window alerts, etc.) to any admin user in the instance with a configured email address. Where this created a potential gap in communication was when there were additional parties beyond that admin user group that needed to be aware of these occurrences in order to plan and take proper precautions.


On-Demand customers running version 7.6 and higher are now able to manage additional email addresses to receive these email communications as described in our On-Demand Policy Guide. Now, groups like your IT team, Sugar partner, or internal distribution lists can receive these notifications and eliminate the bottleneck of the admin users having to inform those critical groups directly. Please note that we will continue sending all notifications to the configured email address of each admin user in the instance, and this new functionality is only intended to complement that initial group of recipients.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new functionality, please reply to this post and we will respond as soon as possible.




Chris Raffle

Sr. Director, Technical Support

SugarBuzz Q1 2016

Posted by rjukoski Employee Mar 21, 2016

Welcome to the Q1 2016 SugarBuzz! This quarterly newsletter from SugarCRM is all about getting the most from your Sugar investment.

Read on!

Q1 2016

The Strategic View

A More Informative CRM

Many organizations get started with CRM software by using it to perform a single discrete function, like opportunity management, pipeline reporting, lead routing, or tracking customer service requests. To accomplish a particular function, a limited set of information is stored in the CRM, and kept up to date as the system is used.

But with the right kind of CRM, you can do much more. Some of our largest and most successful customers are integrating a broad range of systems and data with Sugar to offer users a much richer, more informative tool that streamlines and enhances interactions with customers across their entire customer journey.

Using Sugar to combine information from a variety of sources and present it to users in a comprehensive way enables much deeper customer understanding and better service. Imagine integrating CRM with your Marketing Automation system. Presenting your sales teams with a history of the interactions your prospects have had with marketing content can help them better understand the prospect’s interests. At the same time, feeding sales information back to marketing can help drive better campaign targeting.

Or imagine an integration that triggers automated alerts when events occur that are related to prospects and customers -- like downloading a whitepaper, stock price movement, or nearing contract renewal time. Alerts could advise employees on next best actions to take to make sure all your customer facing personnel are taking the right actions at the right time.


The key is to bring together information that can increase your sales, marketing, and service teams’ understanding and enable them to make better decisions. The good news is that Sugar makes it easy to tap into virtually any information source, so you have deeper insight, seamless interactions, and happier customers. Read on for some practical tips and examples of how you can use your CRM more strategically by making it a window into everything you need to know about your customer.

Larry Augustin, (you all know what Larry does)

Developers’ Corner

Conflict-free Integration

sugarcrm-developers.pngI’m betting that your business uses more than one system to manage customer related information. You’ve got orders, documents, support cases, and more, that all might be owned by systems other than Sugar. Enabling your CRM users to see a more comprehensive set of customer information can deliver great benefits and insights, but data integration can sometimes give rise to synchronization problems where customer data in different systems can become duplicated, inconsistent, or out of date.

Master Data Management (MDM) is a practice that can help you avoid these problems. An MDM strategy can help you to maintain data consistency and integrity by establishing a single source for each piece of critical business information. With Sugar, you can easily provide users with access to information stored in other systems while avoiding the problems of data synchronization.

Using an iFrame integration

The iFrame is the unsung hero of application integration. With an iFrame you can embed content from external web applications into another UI. A unique strength of Sugar is the fact that you can use the current user context (such as the Account or Contact record within view) to control the information that is displayed, making it more relevant to the user. And your users will always view the latest data because they are going straight to the source.

Check out the Sugar Developer blog where we recently shared an example of a contextual iFrame dashlet that can be used as a building block for this type of integration.

Using REST API to copy data

Sometimes it makes sense to copy data into Sugar, especially when you want a native experience or when a suitable UI for the master data does not exist.  Importing data into the Sugar database enables you to take advantage of the benefits of the Sugar platform: access control, reportability, customizable layouts, dashlets.

A good way to get started is to bring in the data as read-only. This will help avoid the headache of resolving data conflicts. Just use the Sugar REST API to copy master data as it changes straight into Sugar. You can then use Role Management to lock down this data—users can get the insights they need but will need to go to the source to change the information. The Sugar REST API can be used to implement bi-directional synchronization which would allow your users to edit the data in Sugar as well but that’s a topic for another day.

Matt Marum, Lead Developer Advocate (and also a developer’s joy)

Did you miss the IBM webinar last week?
Watch it now on demand!

dudes-watching-now.jpgGet an inside look at how IBM transformed its business with a more Informative CRM

IBM is using CRM to provide its sales organization with a comprehensive view of the customer. They’ve accomplished this by integrating Sugar with a broad range of enterprise systems and data sources—contact databases, product catalogs, account information, email, business analytics to name just a few. Find out how they did it and how they are using this more informative CRM to enhance marketing productivity, sales performance, and customer satisfaction.

Experts from IBM and SugarCRM share:

  • How IBM improved sales efficiency by combining 10+ data sources into a single intuitive interface
  • The technical challenges associated with large-scale data integration and roll-out to 85,000 users
  • The business benefits of creating an information-rich CRM system


Jay Fiore, VP Corporate Marketing (LOVES slides)


sugarcrm-billboard.pngDiscover a Different Kind of CRM

You might have seen Sugar in your favorite business or CRM publication, or even on a video billboard in New York’s Times Square.  We have been challenging the status quo, and prompting individuals to discover a different kind of CRM.  Special appearances on prime time television include New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in the United States, and Germany’s Next Top Model.

Andrew Staples, Senior PR Manager (knows everything before anyone else)


Informative CRM drives 225% increase in sales

marathon-logo.png Marathon Sports is the largest sportswear and athletic equipment retailer serving the west coast of Latin America. As a proud sponsor of Ecuador’s national soccer team, the business is dedicated to turning people’s passion for sports into fierce brand loyalty.

Marathon Sports used Sugar to transform their database of more than 1 million customer ID numbers – and nothing more – into a rich resource to drive excitement, sales, and satisfaction. Find out how they implemented Sugar software as a central hub for customer data and automated key business processes to drive customer loyalty programs, cross-sell/up-sell, event marketing with SMS invitations, gamification based on consumer preferences, social media promotions, and more.


  • Enriched their database of 1 million customers with contact information and preferences
  • Saw a 225% increase in customer purchases during monthly promotions
  • Grew average annual purchases from $67 to $152

Read the full Marathon Sports story

Come to SugarCon to hear more from Marathon Sports Chief Customer Officer, Jaime Morillo, as well as other Sugar customers.  If you are interested in becoming a Sugar reference, contact

Rebecca Jukoski, Director Customer Marketing and Advocacy (and put the newsletter together)

Solution Spotlight

The SugarCon 2016 App Throwdown

sugarcon-2015-icon-app-throwdown.min.pngSugarCon is just around the corner and that means it’s time for another round of the App Throwdown. If you’re not yet familiar, this is our annual friendly competition to showcase the coolest, most useful, and most innovative extensions of the Sugar platform. Nominations for this year's App Throwdown are officially open.

Here’s how to participate: Customers, developers, or partners who have built cool solutions using Sugar can write a quick blog post with a video in the Sugar Community highlighting their app. This year's solution categories are: Customer Engagement, User Productivity, Customer Insight, and Mobile CRM/Internet of Things. When submissions close on May 13, the Sugar leadership team will pick four winners (one from each category). These "Best in Class" winners will compete on SugarCon's main stage for the coveted "Best in Show" award, which is chosen live by our attendees.

This year you’ll have even more influence over who wins the "Best in Show" award. You can see App Throwdown entries on the Sugar Community and "Like" your favorite app. Make sure you’re logged in to pick your favorites. When submissions close, the entry with the most "Likes" will be designated "Community Favorite" and will be invited to show their stuff under the bright lights of SugarCon's main stage!

Head on over to the App Throwdown pages in Sugar Community to learn more about the competition and how you can participate. Make sure to follow the page so you're notified when new entries are posted!

Mark Weitzel, Senior Director, Technology Alliances (loves Sugar apps and ISVs)

Sugar University

New live training courses are open for registration

sugar-u-207x212.pngSugar University has been busy developing four new courses. In addition to our extensive on-line course offerings, these live, instructor-led classes are now available for registration and are open to all customers and partners. They’re a great way to build your competence and efficiency with Sugar technology so you can immediately boost your job performance and drive results for your organization.

  • Configuring Sugar Advanced Workflow
  • Advanced Sugar Administration
  • Advanced Sugar Development
  • Essentials of Effective Sugar Implementation

View the complete calendar of upcoming live classes

Kevin Freitas, Director of Training and Enablement (thinks school is cool)

Your Success Matters Most

The CRM Maturity Model

remy-malan-220x220.pngA lot of people ask me about the factors they should consider as they plan to incorporate Sugar into their business transformation projects. These projects can differ greatly in their target use cases (sales automation, support case management, lead routing, and tracking to name a few) and in the business processes they are using, so you might be tempted to think that it’s hard to generalize best practices. While it’s true that implementation details do vary widely, we’ve developed a powerful approach for evaluating CRM maturity and for planning business transformation initiatives. We call it the CRM Maturity Model.

To build exceptional customer relationships, you need to execute better than your competition in marketing, sales and service.  The CRM Maturity Model can help you identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in these areas, and help you to prioritize your investments in the people, processes, and systems that support your operations across these dimensions of your business.

The Systems component of the model has to do with the software applications and other technology that you will be using on the project. Sugar will obviously be part of your system for a CRM project. After systems, most people would recognize Process as an important part of a transformation project. In practice, it is quite common for the desire to improve or change a process to be the catalyst that kicks off a CRM business transformation project. Finally, we get to People. People are often the least understood or recognized part of the maturity model, and yet, the success of a project will be driven to a large degree by how well people embrace the business transformation initiative.

At SugarCRM, we use the CRM Maturity Model to help our customers establish a baseline understanding of where they stand with regard to the people, processes and systems that support extraordinary customer relationships, and as a planning tool to help plot a path forward that will deliver step-wise improvements that enhance customer relationships over time. If you’d like to learn more about our methodology, and the kind of results we’ve helped our customers achieve by applying the CRM Maturity Model, reach out to Mitch Lieberman, Fellow, Office of the CCO.

In future issues of the SugarBuzz, I’ll cover the people, process and systems dimensions in more detail. Please stay tuned!

Remy Malan, SugarCRM Chief Customer Officer (in your corner)

Get That Worm!

bird-01.pngRegister now for SugarCon 2016! – June 13 – 16, San Francisco.

Remember, Early Bird registration ends soon. If you wait too long you’ll miss your chance to save $200 on SugarCon registration. Check out the new SugarCon website for an updated agenda, track descriptions, training and certification options, and much more.

Marco Gallo, Director, Event Marketing (routinely entertains thousands)

Check out the latest round of Knowledge Base articles we've published on the Support site. Each of these was written by members of our Support team to help you accomplish more with Sugar. Hopefully these will serve you well; we've got plenty more articles on the way!



Configuring "Send As" Permissions With Gmail  New

Configuring "Send As" Permissions With Office 365  New

Importing Email Attributes and Multiple Email Addresses  New

Understanding Campaign, Workflow, and Process Email Templates  New

Using CSS in Email Templates  New


Process Author

Using Process Author for Territory-Based Lead Assignment  New

Automating Business Processes With Process Author  New

Creating Specialized Teams for Users Who May Engage in Processes  New

Understanding Round Robin Activities vs. Round Robin Actions  New

Troubleshooting a Blank Process Email Template  New

Automatically Escalating Cases Using Process Author  New

Capturing How Long a Record Spends in Each Status Using Process Author  New



Using Workflows to Automatically Update the Account's Type When an Opportunity is Won  New

Automating Common Tasks Using a Dropdown Field and Workflows  New

Making Custom Fields Available in Workflows  Updated

Troubleshooting Time-Elapsed Workflows  Updated

Using Workflows to Automatically Assign Cases Created Via Sugar Portal  New

Understanding Processes vs. Workflows  New



Troubleshooting Missing Modules  Updated

Troubleshooting Latency Using Traceroute  Updated

Troubleshooting Scheduled Reports  Updated


Platform Management

Downloading Backups From the Backups Module  New

Migrating From On-Demand to On-Site  Updated

Creating a phpinfo File  New

Providing a Backup Without Sensitive Data  New



Integrating Sugar With New Relic APM for Performance Management  New

Customizing the Start Speed of List View Search  New

Adding a Custom Compose Email Button  New

Handling Validation Task Errors  New

Enabling Importing for Custom Modules  Updated


Health Check

Health Check Error: Field has incorrect display_default value  New

Health Check Error: Found NULL values in moduleList strings  New

Health Check Error: Module Has Definition of Another Module  New

Health Check Error: Incompatible Integration Data Reset  New

Health Check Error: Found subpanel with link to non-existing module  Updated


More Goodies

Changing a User's Password  Updated

Calculated Field : Formatting Phone Number Fields  New

Understanding Field Mappings for Sugar Plug-ins  Updated

Importing Related Records  Updated




Ellen True,

Knowledge Manager

Ellen True

Launch of New Support Site!

Posted by Ellen True Employee Jan 11, 2016

Hello, Community!


I'm SugarCRM's Knowledge Manager, Ellen True. My team is responsible for managing all of the content on such as our user guides and knowledge base. The Support department has been working hard over the past few months to make the site easier and faster to use. Our major focus has been to personalize the experience to present only the content that is relevant to you. I am beyond excited to announce the launch of the new SugarCRM Support site!


The new site offers a number of big improvements, all aimed at delivering the help you need as quickly as possible:


  • Powerful Search : You will now see a search bar with dropdown menus where you can select your version, edition, and user type to receive focused search results. Results are filtered by these criteria to ensure you are being presented with the most relevant content possible. You can easily broaden your search my removing filters, and your selections will carry over to subsequent site visits.
  • Simple Navigation : The grey navigation bar appears on all pages, below the search bar, allowing you to easily access all major areas of the site as well as providing quick access to training, the community, and the case portal. Once you've drilled into our content, the navigation menu on the left facilitates your movement within the page or to related content within a focused portion of the site.
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  • Documentation Hub : The Documentation tab displays all relevant user guides and other resources for your selected version and edition of Sugar. This serves as a centralized hub for learning about your specific Sugar instance as well as the appropriate mobile apps, plug-ins, and connectors.
  • News & Updates : The home page now includes a news feed of community conversations, the support site’s most popular and useful content, and our most recently published or updated pages.
  • Feedback : The bottom of every page allows you to rate a page’s usefulness and to provide text feedback about the page. We want to hear your opinions! Please note, the option to rate a page only shows for logged-in users.
  • Mobile Viewing : Mobile-responsive design ensures you can access the support content you need no matter where you are - including on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device.

As always, we strive to provide the best possible experience for you, both when using the Sugar application and when learning about everything Sugar offers. We hope you enjoy using the new site and are able to get the help you need faster and easier than ever!


Please feel free to share your thoughts on our new site and join me in thanking Jerry Clark , Bran Sorem, Haley Won, Iliana  Kakouris, and Jill Shaheen for their hard work and dedication! Come check out the changes at!

Welcome to the SugarBuzz!

Posted by rjukoski Employee Dec 10, 2015

Welcome to SugarBuzz! The new quarterly newsletter from SugarCRM. What's it all about? Getting the most from your Sugar investment.
Read on!

Q4 2015

The Strategic View

Are You Transforming Your Business?

A major trend we’re seeing among Sugar customers and in the industry at large is a more enlightened take on CRM – one where businesses are going beyond automation or internal streamlining and embarking on fundamentally changing the way they interact with their customers from the time prospects start to learn about the company through deployment of their product or service. Because digital communication channels are at the center of the disruption, the term “digital transformation” has been used to describe this shift in business thinking. Gartner estimates that 50% of enterprises have a digital transformation strategy underway, but the concept of business transformation is vital to companies of all sizes.

Whether you are breathing new life into a global sales organization, revamping channels for customer service, or launching a seamless end-to-end customer journey management initiative - these projects must be done with an eye to customer experience. This is not the same as a simple migration to more modern technology. Businesses must embrace new user paradigms, channels of interaction and put themselves into their customers’ shoes to better understand and address customers at every stage. While they call it “digital transformation,” it really comes down to optimizing the digital and human touchpoints along the customer journey.


A flexible, modern CRM like Sugar is central to operationalizing the desired changes, both as a single source of truth for all customer information, and as a powerful platform to coordinate and enable all customer-facing individuals. We at SugarCRM, along with our ecosystem of partners, are eager to continue to work with you, our valued customers, to reimagine your business from the customer's point of view, and engineer the changes needed to build extraordinary customer relationships.

Larry Augustin, (you all know what Larry does)

Developers’ Corner

Sugar 7.6 Advanced Workflow is a Developer’s Joy

sugarcrm-developers.pngA CRM system is designed to better automate and optimize the processes surrounding your customer interactions. This is typically done using workflow management tools inside the system. With version 7.6, Sugar has introduced exciting new Advanced Workflow capabilities into its Enterprise edition.

What’s so different about Advanced Workflow versus the legacy workflow tools in Sugar?

Here are five ways Advanced Workflow raises the bar and allows you to derive even more value from your Sugar deployment.

  1. Visual Process Designer: Building workflows in Sugar used to be a time-consuming and complex exercise. But now, users can leverage a dynamic drag and drop visual environment to build all sorts of workflows, and quickly edit and copy them to build even better automations.
  2. New “OR” Operator: Advanced workflow in Sugar supports “or” scenarios (for example, notifying a manager when a discount is greater than 10% OR greater than $10,000 in an Opportunity) – saving time and energy managing fewer workflows to create more complex logic.
  3. Notification Templates: Whether it’s lead routing or discount approvals, Advanced Workflow makes it easy to build email notifications for all types of alerts using simple templates inside the system.
  4. Business Rules Engine: Build and re-use rules in a visual environment across all sorts of workflows and process automations – saving time and development costs.
  5. Process Status: With Sugar’s next-gen UI, users can quickly monitor the status of any processes running in the system, making it easier to act when processes are stalled or status is uncertain.

These are just five of the many ways Advanced Workflow helps optimize every customer facing process. Learn more about Advanced Workflow by visiting:

Demo Advanced Workflow

Two more key thoughts for any Sugar edition:

  • v10 REST API for integrations: The best part of using this API is knowing that all Sugar clients (web, mobile, and plug-ins) use this same set of APIs. So, if you can do it in our user interface, you can do it using REST API.
  • Extensions Framework: A super-easy way to extend Sugar with your code customizations and is the best way to ensure you’re creating upgrade-friendly customizations. If you aren’t familiar with all the extension interfaces we provide, you can find them in our Sugar Developer Guide.

Lastly, let me mention our Sugar Developer Blog, which you also can follow @sugarcrmdev on Twitter. It’s an easy and fun way to stay current on the latest happenings in Sugar Engineering and the Developer Community.

Matt Marum, Lead Developer Advocate (and also a developer’s joy)

Getting More Out of Sugar

Support for Parallel Workflows with Sugar Enterprise Advanced Workflow

Advanced Workflow provides a number of benefits over the legacy workflow capabilities in Sugar. One of these is the ability to manage parallel workflows and business rules inside a single Process Definition. This means Sugar users and admins can write one inclusive workflow that includes multiple sub-tasks, notifications, and triggers along the overarching process. This ability to create more comprehensive workflows saves time and reduces complexity in developing workflows, and makes Sugar Advanced Workflows easier to maintain too.

Here’s an example: let’s say a lending institution needs to make sure that prospective borrowers follow a certain set of tasks (filling out proper applications and providing proper documents) before closing a loan. That multi-step, asynchronous process can be managed in one inclusive process definition. You don’t have to create a separate workflow rule for each discreet stage of the process, like you had to with Sugar legacy workflow.

Or how about this: In a world where the “subscription economy” or recurring payment models are becoming commonplace, missed payments can lead to serious cash flow gaps. With Advanced Workflow you can track and manage the payment process, as part of a more inclusive customer lifecycle management approach. Smart workflows and seamless integrations can track against date fields, noting if a payment has been received by finance. When a payment is missed, alerts can be sent to both the customer and a service rep—triggering a follow up call. This can get customers back on track, and keep the revenue stream flowing. And you can build it all as one workflow with Sugar Enterprise.

There are scores of uses for Sugar Enterprise Advanced Workflow all across the organization. Here are some more to think about:


If you’re using Advanced Workflow in an interesting or innovative way in your organization, please let us know. We’d love to hear about it.

Dax Farhang, Senior Director Product Marketing (pretty serious guy)

Sugar is the People’s Choice!

pcmag-business-choice-204x204.pngPC Mag Confirms what You Already Knew: Sugar is in a "Class by itself"

We have to let you know. Last month we were very excited to learn that Sugar won the 2015 PC Mag Business Choice Award for Best CRM. We actually got the top rating in all categories! What’s especially cool about this is that the award is determined by a global Readers Poll -- just a straight ranking of what users think – right from the horse’s mouth.


The internationally respected magazine said Microsoft, Oracle and “couldn’t hold a candle to SugarCRM in almost every measure of the survey.”

Sugar scored first in Overall Satisfaction, Reliability, Tech Support and User Recommendations, prompting the magazine to say SugarCRM was in “a class by itself compared to the competition.” Sugar’s Overall Satisfaction score was 7.1 (on a 1-to-10 scale), while the industry average was 6.0. And we were the only CRM company to elicit a positive response among readers when asked whether they would recommend their CRM to a colleague. “The scores are so bad for the others, that every other vendor managed a negative Net Promoter Score,” the magazine said.

See all the detail behind the ranking here: PC Mag Survey Detailed Results We’re not resting on our laurels, despite that last comment. It’s a competitive world, and we’re working hard to maintain our lead.

Andrew Staples, Senior PR Manager (knows everything before anyone else)

Take Action!

Become a Sugar Reference (be a super star)

As you may know, analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester regularly analyze and rank software providers like SugarCRM to better guide buyers and create accurate market positioning. They also point out successful use cases and highlight companies that are ahead of the curve when it comes to their CRM solutions. We believe Sugar users are innovative, forward-thinking and building more extraordinary customer relationships than firms using other CRM platforms. And we want to tell your story!

By becoming part of SugarCRM’s reference portfolio of customers, you help put Sugar in the best light possible, which helps us grow and re-invest into our products and services.

It also helps put the spotlight on you and your organization in a positive way. Perhaps you have an outstanding example of using Sugar for sales, marketing or in your customer service center. It’s a definite “win-win” for you and SugarCRM. If you are interested in becoming a Sugar reference, simply contact

Rebecca Jukoski, Director Customer Marketing and Advocacy (and put the newsletter together)

Solution Spotlight

SugarCRM & Marketing Automation Solutions Help You Win with Today’s Connected Customers

marketing-sales-204x204.pngThink about the last time that you purchased something. Chances are, you started on-line to learn more about the product, check out reviews from other people who purchased the product, or watch various videos to see the product in action. With all this information at a buyer's fingertips, it's not uncommon for them to reach a decision before your sales rep has had the opportunity to even talk with them! This closing "decision window" has resulted in the rapid growth of marketing automation solutions that are designed to build campaigns, generate leads, segment prospects, and ultimately, provide sales with a focused set of qualified leads.

Visionary Marketing Automation vendors have integrated their best in-class-platforms with the Sugar platform, with big benefits for both Sales and Marketing. For example, IBM Customer Engagement Solutions, Act-On, and Salesfusion, surface marketing information directly in the Sugar user interface, allowing Sales reps to have visibility into key aspects of the lead right from their dashboard. One powerful feature of Act-On is being able to show the ROI of a marketing campaign. By synchronizing information from Sugar, information on won opportunities is tied directly back to the campaign that generated the lead.

All of these Marketing Automation partners have worked closely with Sugar to help align your critical Marketing and Sales efforts. Check out their profiles on SugarExchange. While there are some similar capabilities, each brings their own unique value proposition that helps you maximize your Sugar investment, and win new business.

SugarExchange has almost 150 application listings covering eight categories, and we’re constantly growing our partner network, improving the SugarExchange platform and finding innovative new technologies that will help you create extraordinary customer relationships.

Want to share your thoughts?

Mark Weitzel, Senior Director, Worldwide Technology Alliances (loves Sugar apps and ISVs)

Sugar University

Build your Sugar Smarts at Sugar U

sugar-u-207x212.pngMaximizing value for customers and partners is one of SugarCRM’s core principles. We do it through personal service, webinars, panels, regional and national seminars and expert partners. And this year, we began doing it through an education portal called Sugar University.

This is a website for customers and partners who want to learn the latest in best practices and achieve a higher understanding of how to get the most out of the Sugar platform. Our experts provide several free training options to give you the help you need when and where you need it. We also schedule webinars through the year on hot topics. Our free online training resources include quick video tutorials and topical, self-guided eLearning courses. Here’s a quick video to get you familiar.

Certifications are available for sales professionals, administrators and developers, and you work at your own pace. In its first year, SugarU has awarded about 1,300 certifications. We want you to be next! Get the most out of Sugar. Come to SugarU!

Kevin Freitas, Director of Global Training and Enablement (thinks school is cool)

Your Success Matters Most

remy-malan-220x220.pngOne topic that comes up frequently in my conversations with customers is, “How can I realize the most value from my CRM implementation?” There is no single right answer to this question. The number of use cases that Sugar is deployed in span a broad range of business functionalities from traditional CRM sales and support applications to industry-specific and unique company-specific ones.

If there is no single answer to this question, how do you come up with a good answer? The key is to look at three critical elements that must come together in any high-impact CRM project: people, processes, and technology. Make it a point in your CRM project to deeply understand these three elements for success. Some examples to consider: (a) do a user assessment to know what kind of training and user adoption support the users of your CRM system will need, (b) consider what business process streamlining you should do as you automate your processes in Sugar, and (c) determine what integrations between Sugar and other systems will give you the best productivity return.

The approach I have outlined here is not only useful for new projects. If you are looking at a “phase 2” project, following the above approach will help you optimize your current CRM solution.

I would enjoy hearing from you on other topics you would like me to write about in future editions of the newsletter. Please feel free to email me comments here at SugarCRM at

Remy Malan, SugarCRM Chief Customer Officer (in your corner)

larry-at-sugarcon-2-2015.jpgBodacious Conference!

Register now for SugarCon 2016! – June 13 – 16, San Francisco. It’s bodacious! That’s what they said about SugarCon 2015 – no kidding. Next year’s event will be even bigger and better, and registration is already open. Build SugarCon into your 2016 plan. Register now to get the early bird discount.

Marco Gallo, Director, Event Marketing (routinely entertains thousands)