• Allow Admins to "View As" to test system wide changes

    20 votes
    Similarly to how Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to view how your profile would look depending on who it is that is looking at it, it would be great to be able to toggle between different levels of access, roles, team...
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  • Apply Role for Panel or Tab

    19 votes
    Currently Roles can be applied to Fields, We have created a bunch of fields and put them into separate Panel / Tab.   We want to restrict some users to access that Panel / Tab, rather then giving roles to each ...
    Hiren Darji
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  • Enhance Role Based Security for Related Modules

    1 vote
    We have a scenario where users need access to, for example, the Notes module. However we want to limit their ability based on their Role to create notes linked to certain related modules. For example, we permit a Role...
    Greg Barrass
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  • Additional layers of access control needed for tech-savvy users

    2 votes
    Currently if a user has access to the SugarCRM application they may also have access to a number of other ways to enter, edit, or delete data other than the SugarCRM application. For example APIs and Excel Plugin. ...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Track Changes done by Users in Studio

    18 votes
    Track user activity done on studio by admin users.
    Hemant Patil
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  • Show/Hide Subpanels for Individual Users

    10 votes
    As I understand it, the only show/hide subpanel customization is left up to admins that makes changes globally for all users. It would be great if individual users could customize which subpanels they would like to sh...
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  • Guidance in Opportunity Module

    3 votes
    Hello, There should be some intelligent guidance available at each and every steps of Opportunity as it is there in Sales force CRM. For Ex: 1.In sales force CRM by hovering on Qualification Item in opportunity mod...
    Rajan Upadhyay
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