• Single Sign On (SSO) option for OPI

    29 votes
    Hi. The outlook plugin requires us to enter username and password in the OPI. That makes sense when you are running a stand-alone login for SugarCRM, But then you have integrated ActiveDirectory(LDAP) authentication...
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • Outlook Plugin Allow Mapping of Custom Fields

    12 votes
    There should be a way to map custom fields for accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities so when you sync a new contact you can set up their website, middle initial and custom fields that your business requires like...
    Kimberly Wolfe
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  • Plug-in support for Office on Mac

    12 votes
    Hi,,,, any plan to support Office plugin in MAC? Thanks   Note: This topic was created from a reply on the April editions of the Microsoft Plug-ins released! topic.
    Martin Ruiz
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  • Auto-Update for Sugar Plugins

    8 votes
    Hi, Updating the SugarCRM Plugins in non-enterprise environments (who have no rollout servers etc) can be really tedious. A feature to automatically update the plugins would be really useful.   Greets, Mark
    Mark Willert
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  • Update Sugar plug-in for Excel and Word 2016

    15 votes
        Now that the Outlook plug-in has been updated to account for 2016 edition, could the plug-ins  for Excel and Word 2016 be updated as well?   Our office works in a cloud environment where ...
    Stephen Valentine
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  • IBM Verse Browser Plugin

    3 votes
    Hi,   I think it's crucial for SugarCRM to offer a browser based email plugin for IBM Verse. I've seen several customers migrate to cloud services and abandon the Lotus Notes desktop version in favour of IBM Ver...
  • Outlook Plugin Task Syncing - Ability to Add Related Records and Create Alerts

    2 votes
    I have been experimenting with the Outlook plugin so I can provide my users with the best usage instructions. So far, most of the functionality seems great except for the task syncing.    If you create...
    Jacquelyn Lane
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  • Customer Journey activities overdue

    1 vote
    I'm not sure if this is the correct location because it's about the plugin, but here we go:     It would be really nice to have visible element showing when an activity is overdue. We suggest an exclamati...
    Harold Masselink
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  • Guidance in Opportunity Module

    3 votes
    Hello, There should be some intelligent guidance available at each and every steps of Opportunity as it is there in Sales force CRM. For Ex: 1.In sales force CRM by hovering on Qualification Item in opportunity mod...
    Rajan Upadhyay
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  • Outlook Plugin for Mac

    0 votes
    Supporting the newest Outlook for Mac, feature parity with Outlook for Windows 2.1+
    Nick Schoeneberger
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