• Provide a Utility for Managing Images for PDF Templates

    23 votes
    Currently, the Sugar default PDF templates contain a logo file embedded in the template for SugarCRM. However, there is no clear mechanism to embed another image unless the image is hosted at a URL outside of the Suga...
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  • Configure the Revenue Line Item Layout When Creating an Opportunity

    37 votes
    Per the 7.6 - Create Opportunity and RLI simultaneously - change available RLI fields...? discussion, users would like the ability to configure the Revenue Line Item layout when creating an Opportunity. The inability ...
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  • Auto Email Quote & Auto create Opportunity from Quote

    5 votes
    Steve SillikerI'm looking for a way to create a Process Definition that says: When a Quote record's status is 'send to customer' (or any kind of trigger), the (most recent) Quote for the (Bill to Contact or Account) g...
    Steve Silliker
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  • Mass Update RLIs under Opportunity Subpanel

    14 votes
    For Enterprise/Ultimate customers using Revenue Line Items, it can be very slow to update the sales stages or expected close dates of all Revenue Line Items while viewing an Opportunity (especially if many RLIs are in...
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  • Customfields on relationships

    3 votes
    The idea is easy: give relationships attributes.   nowadays we can link modules by creating several types of relationships which causes that SugarCRM creates a link table in the database linking record A to B. &...
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  • Enhanced Notes Functionality

    1 vote
    We've received feedback from our sales users (who are mostly on the road). While the ability to access SugarCRM from the mobile app is well received, the mobile layout is not as friendly as expected to enter notes. Th...
    Niegel Leoncio
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  • Drag-and-Drop Sortable Quote Groups

    2 votes
    It would be nice to be able to drag and drop Groups to sort, as well as sorting line items.   FrancescaS
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Quote Multi Select

    4 votes
    It would be very helpful if the product selector popup when creating a quote was able to select multiple items in one go rather than one at a time. The latest quote module is much better but still lacking this fairly ...
    Chris Loxley-Watkins
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  • Guidance in Opportunity Module

    3 votes
    Hello, There should be some intelligent guidance available at each and every steps of Opportunity as it is there in Sales force CRM. For Ex: 1.In sales force CRM by hovering on Qualification Item in opportunity mod...
    Rajan Upadhyay
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