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David Matrai
SugarCRM should have the ability to add fields to the unified search within studio    -- Allow fields to have a checkbox with "Unified Searchable?"  -- when clicked have core insert the vardef instead of having to upload a module with  $dictionary[<module>]['fields'][<field name>]['unified_search'] = true;
Francesca Shiekh
Our users requested the option of selecting items from list view using shift - down arrow as with common email interfaces or excel documents instead of individual clicks.   thank you, FrancescaS
Groupe Sugar
Hello,   It should be interesting to change the way SugarCRM manages the multienum field as a grouping criteria in reporting.   For example, with the following example :   Record 1 - multienum field values : A, B , C Record 2 - multienum field values : A, B  Record 3 - multienum field values : A, B  Record 4 - multienum field values : A, C  …
Michael Morrison
For someone that has to export a lot of reports from Sugar, I think it would be useful to use the name of the report in the filename instead of having everything export as Reports.csv. I would even be willing to fill in another field on the report record to specify a desired filename if there are concerns about the report name itself being…
Jacquelyn Lane
SugarCRM blocks users from running reports or doing list view filtering on any user fields when the user is inactive. This is a constant headache for my company, as we have a very long history of CRM use and we often need to filter information based on inactive users, which is for the benefit of active users. Here are some examples:    When a…
Occasionally someone deletes a record by mistake. It would be fantastic if there was a recycle bin/trash bin which held deleted records for 30 days (or 14 days) and allowed administrators to undelete/restore records.
Francesca Shiekh
As it is today we can use fields from related modules in sugar logic (those related through relationships) but not a simple Relate Field. It would be nice to be able to use the relate field in sugar logic formulas even if it just defaulted to the related record name.   thanks, FrancescaS
Harold Masselink
When hovering over a related field show the 'preview-eye' to make it possible to show related information without leaving the screen.     With the new preview-edit functionality enabled it will even save more time.
Prashant Patel
Hello SugarCRM Folks (Alex Nassi  Alan Beam Jason Smith ),   Currently into sugarcrm we can choose only chart type of reports from the Intelligence pane. If I do have row and column type of report and want to show that report's data into Intelligence pane then I can't do that. Do you need any example guys? Please let me know if you didn't get…
Similarly to how Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to view how your profile would look depending on who it is that is looking at it, it would be great to be able to toggle between different levels of access, roles, teams, etc. to know how changes effect the system for all users. Several times I have made changes to one something that seem small in…
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