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Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
Hi. The outlook plugin requires us to enter username and password in the OPI. That makes sense when you are running a stand-alone login for SugarCRM, But then you have integrated ActiveDirectory(LDAP) authentication like we do, we have the same login to the computer, Outlook, Sugar and many other programs.   The idea: An option to configure…
In the old workflow engine we had the ability to create a condition such as When FIELD HAS NOT CHANGED FOR AT LEAST X DAYS?   Is it possible to re-add this in the new BPM workflow. I've checked this link but it is not quite what I need.   …
Justin Kuehlthau
I'd like to see an addWorkDays Sugar Logic Function created that would work similar to addDays but it would only add Work Days.  Bonus points if it could take into account the fact that the US has a 5 day work week and some other countries have a 6 day work week.  It would be even more useful if it could take into account Holidays.
Please move custom fields definition from the database (fields_meta_data) to the file system, it will make deployment and staging much easier and faster. Sugar guys have promised it a years ago, but unfortunately is still nothing happened.   Community, please help to push this topic
Kimberly Wolfe
There should be a way to map custom fields for accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities so when you sync a new contact you can set up their website, middle initial and custom fields that your business requires like industry types etc.
Greg Barrass
In Legacy Workflow it was possible to create time based workflows based on trigger date/time. For example, send an alert to the assigned user when a not completed task is due in say 5 days. Another example, send an email to a user when the expected close date of an opportunity is a week away. Or even, send an escalated email to the assigned user…
Field does not change for a specified amount of time. The old advanced workflow has this feature but still has not made it over to the new bpm. would be nice to have this introduced back into the new bpm. please vote for this to be put back in.      
SugarCRM reports are one of its best features. I often create a report with Run-time Filters that enables me to show different charts based on that filter., i.e., sales team. Tather than write several reports that are the same, I write a single report and use filters to select the items I want to display.  I often reports charts in the dashboard…
Jacquelyn Lane
SugarCRM blocks users from running reports or doing list view filtering on any user fields when the user is inactive. This is a constant headache for my company, as we have a very long history of CRM use and we often need to filter information based on inactive users, which is for the benefit of active users. Here are some examples:    When a…
Bud Hartley
We have a number of fields set up for "Auditing" and we can obviously see the old and new value changes by user and date. We would like to be able to pull a complete list for the changes made by a particular user instead of doing a search of "Modified By" and looking at each record.  I have worked with the reports module and I can't figure out…
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