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Chris Raffle
Per the 7.6 - Create Opportunity and RLI simultaneously - change available RLI fields...? discussion, users would like the ability to configure the Revenue Line Item layout when creating an Opportunity. The inability to customize this layout prevents administrators from adding critical custom fields and removing stock fields that are not utilized…
Francesca Shiekh
As your team works or will work on a Sidecar Email module I have some suggestions for improvement to Email processing: Allow admins to prioritize Email boxes for processing. We have some emails that are simply used internally for archiving communications and others that are used for direct communication with our customers (Cases). Currently…
Occasionally someone deletes a record by mistake. It would be fantastic if there was a recycle bin/trash bin which held deleted records for 30 days (or 14 days) and allowed administrators to undelete/restore records.
Holger Schulz
Hi all,   a lot of our customers asked me if it's not possible to add a business card scanner functionalitiy into the app to add new Accounts and Contact very easy into the CRM System.  this could be done like this:     When you click on "New Account" in the app, you get a button "scan Business Card". This Scan will create automatically a new…
Holger Schulz
Hi all,   If I have a text field, I can't filter with "is empty". I just have the options "starts with" and "equals". The most time, that I have complete data is on empty fields.   At the moment, I have to create a report, export the report to CSV, do the mass change in the CVS file and import the CSV file and update the content. It would be…
When two records are merged it is not clear that this has happened when you look at the change log. Could it record this please?
Mark Willert
Hi,   as activity stream is a useful tool in SugarCRM 7, we saw that it could easily take more than 50% of the database size in productive instances. While this can be easily truncated from the database, this is not wanted by many customers.   We also can delete all the entries in the activities table before a fixed date, but this also means…
Jacquelyn Lane
SugarCRM blocks users from running reports or doing list view filtering on any user fields when the user is inactive. This is a constant headache for my company, as we have a very long history of CRM use and we often need to filter information based on inactive users, which is for the benefit of active users. Here are some examples:    When a…
Kimberly Wolfe
In all modules there is only two columns to display your data.  There should be a way to allow more than two columns across to view your data and to have the data more concise so that it is not spread out across the page. 
For Enterprise/Ultimate customers using Revenue Line Items, it can be very slow to update the sales stages or expected close dates of all Revenue Line Items while viewing an Opportunity (especially if many RLIs are involved). It's great to be able to update them individually, but sometimes they all need to be updated at once.   RLIs can be mass…
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