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lee Ingham
the comment log field is great, i love it and the customers do too, but........... you cant get it in reports   It would be great to be able to filter or report on comment log entries in order to extract and important events from it,
Field does not change for a specified amount of time. The old advanced workflow has this feature but still has not made it over to the new bpm. would be nice to have this introduced back into the new bpm. please vote for this to be put back in.   See documentation:…
Bud Hartley
We have a number of fields set up for "Auditing" and we can obviously see the old and new value changes by user and date. We would like to be able to pull a complete list for the changes made by a particular user instead of doing a search of "Modified By" and looking at each record.  I have worked with the reports module and I can't figure out…
Francesca Shiekh
As it is today we can use fields from related modules in sugar logic (those related through relationships) but not a simple Relate Field. It would be nice to be able to use the relate field in sugar logic formulas even if it just defaulted to the related record name.   thanks, FrancescaS
Groupe Sugar
Hello,   It should be interesting to change the way SugarCRM manages the multienum field as a grouping criteria in reporting.   For example, with the following example :   Record 1 - multienum field values : A, B , C Record 2 - multienum field values : A, B  Record 3 - multienum field values : A, B  Record 4 - multienum field values : A, C  …
Currently, the Sugar default PDF templates contain a logo file embedded in the template for SugarCRM. However, there is no clear mechanism to embed another image unless the image is hosted at a URL outside of the SugarCRM instance. Per the How can I change the SugarCRM image on the PDF quote template? discussion, it is possible to upload…
Mark Willert
Hi,   as of Sugar 7.6.1, the email module has no preview ("eye" icon) when used in a subpanel. This would be tremendiously useful as going through emails is a standard use case and you can save a lot of time if you do not have to open every single mail attached to a record you look at.   Greets Mark
Right now colors for reports and graphs are very inconsistent, given the assignment of the color is random and there is no way to change it easily. We need ability for users to change the colors in graphs / charts without having to change the code or install a plug in.   We want our users to have ability to make changes on the formatting of their…
Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
Hi all   With share-able filters on the horizon (announced in the Summer '19 Develper Webinar, the need to be able to choose "current user" is getting bigger. Share-able filters will be useless if we cannot create generic filters (i.e. Assigned to = current user). Today we only have "is any of" and "is not any of":     So let´s add the option…
Julia Weinhold
Kristjan Geir Mathiesen has already teasered it in Add "current user" as an option for "Assigned to" in filters and I'm going to pick that thread up, since there seems to be no "official" idea about it yet and I'm standing before the problem again.   Shareable dashboards are great, but they present us with a problem: We are heavily using…
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