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Robert Caverly
I have created a custom function to generate a PDF report using the built-in TCPDF - however, I need to be able to add a digital signature field to the PDF.  There is a function added in TCPDF Version 5.9 (addEmptySignatureAppearance) that will do exactly this.  Unfortunately it seems SugarCRM is still on tcpdf 4.6.  Is it possible to 'replace'…
Groupe Sugar
Hello,   It should be interesting to change the way SugarCRM manages the multienum field as a grouping criteria in reporting.   For example, with the following example :   Record 1 - multienum field values : A, B , C Record 2 - multienum field values : A, B  Record 3 - multienum field values : A, B  Record 4 - multienum field values : A, C  …
Francesca Shiekh
Allow the admin to specify a css file to override the default when creating a PDFManager template.   FrancescaS
Francesca Shiekh
It would be nice, when PDFManager goes Sidecar, to add a couple of options for outputs to be PDF, HTML or plain Text. A dropdown on the Template could specify which formats are allowed.
Mark Willert
Hi,   as activity stream is a useful tool in SugarCRM 7, we saw that it could easily take more than 50% of the database size in productive instances. While this can be easily truncated from the database, this is not wanted by many customers.   We also can delete all the entries in the activities table before a fixed date, but this also means…
Justin Kuehlthau
I'd like to see an addWorkDays Sugar Logic Function created that would work similar to addDays but it would only add Work Days.  Bonus points if it could take into account the fact that the US has a 5 day work week and some other countries have a 6 day work week.  It would be even more useful if it could take into account Holidays.
Please can we have the option to filter dates by week in reports? For example This Week, Last Week. Like the existing options This Month, Last Month, This Quarter, Last Quarter, etc   Last 7 Days is not the same as a week. I want to compare this week and last week in dashboards, not a rolling 7 day period or hardcoded dates which need to be…
Francesca Shiekh
It would be nice to be able to have an API user that does not count against licensed users. Using an existing front end user is not practical. thanks, FrancescaS
Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
Hi all   With share-able filters on the horizon (announced in the Summer '19 Develper Webinar, the need to be able to choose "current user" is getting bigger. Share-able filters will be useless if we cannot create generic filters (i.e. Assigned to = current user). Today we only have "is any of" and "is not any of":     So let´s add the option…
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