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Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
Hi all   With share-able filters on the horizon (announced in the Summer '19 Develper Webinar, the need to be able to choose "current user" is getting bigger. Share-able filters will be useless if we cannot create generic filters (i.e. Assigned to = current user). Today we only have "is any of" and "is not any of":     So let´s add the option…
Francesca Shiekh
Currently the scheduler interface just shows if a job is done or not. It does not show if it failed and why. It would be nice to have individual logs for scheduler jobs accessible from the Scheduler interface. At the very least the resolution and message fields from the job_queue should be included in the Job Log.   The two main messages I see…
scott macleod
After moving over to SugarCRM, one feature that I am disappointed does not exist is to make a field required only if certain conditions are met. The field should be visible based on completely different rules.
Francesca Shiekh
As your team works or will work on a Sidecar Email module I have some suggestions for improvement to Email processing: Allow admins to prioritize Email boxes for processing. We have some emails that are simply used internally for archiving communications and others that are used for direct communication with our customers (Cases). Currently…
Field does not change for a specified amount of time. The old advanced workflow has this feature but still has not made it over to the new bpm. would be nice to have this introduced back into the new bpm. please vote for this to be put back in.      
For Enterprise/Ultimate customers using Revenue Line Items, it can be very slow to update the sales stages or expected close dates of all Revenue Line Items while viewing an Opportunity (especially if many RLIs are involved). It's great to be able to update them individually, but sometimes they all need to be updated at once.   RLIs can be mass…
Steve Silliker
Steve SillikerI'm looking for a way to create a Process Definition that says: When a Quote record's status is 'send to customer' (or any kind of trigger), the (most recent) Quote for the (Bill to Contact or Account) gets automatically emailed to the customer AND a new opportunity is created from the quote in the process. I understand this is a…
Julia Weinhold
Kristjan Geir Mathiesen has already teasered it in Add "current user" as an option for "Assigned to" in filters and I'm going to pick that thread up, since there seems to be no "official" idea about it yet and I'm standing before the problem again.   Shareable dashboards are great, but they present us with a problem: We are heavily using…
Please move custom fields definition from the database (fields_meta_data) to the file system, it will make deployment and staging much easier and faster. Sugar guys have promised it a years ago, but unfortunately is still nothing happened.   Community, please help to push this topic
Alan Apter
Currently PowerBI has a content pack for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Having a plug-and-play content pack for PowerBI gives a lot more visibility across the organisation.   There's plenty of stats that would be useful across organisations (e.g. how many emails sent, how many bounced, etc).    Additionally this is an idea that people in the…
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