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Francesca Shiekh
To Manipulate Top buttons (Actions) for a module’s “default” subpanel  In  <sugar_root>/custom/Extension/modules/<module>/Ext/clients/base/views/panel-top/panel-top.php Redefine the top buttons  adding/removing as needed.     E.g. to remove the ability to “Link”  an exising record add  'css_class' => 'disabled' to the  button definition:…
Mark Willert
Hi,   as activity stream is a useful tool in SugarCRM 7, we saw that it could easily take more than 50% of the database size in productive instances. While this can be easily truncated from the database, this is not wanted by many customers.   We also can delete all the entries in the activities table before a fixed date, but this also means…
Shijin Krishna
As we know Sugar 7.x has the option to tag Users while creating a new post in Activity Stream window out of the box.But unfortunately there is no in built functionality to notify the user once he/she get tagged.   Don’t worry! In this article we are going to see how can we send an email alert or create a notification in Sugar notification list for…
Francesca Shiekh
SugarCRM v7 requires a lot of learning for everyone, even the 6.5.x experts. And for some of us, not so familiar with javascript, jQuery, Backbone, Underscore the learning curve is even steeper. I thought it would be nice for people to share the best resources they find around the web to help everyone through this transition. Here are some I…
Harold Masselink
We would like more control regarding the meeting invites. Primarily being able to select who's receiving the invite. (f.e. internal versus external).     Even better would be the possibility to select who will not receive an invite by f.w. clicking the 'not reply' button and suppress the invite sending.
Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
Hi all   With share-able filters on the horizon (announced in the Summer '19 Develper Webinar, the need to be able to choose "current user" is getting bigger. Share-able filters will be useless if we cannot create generic filters (i.e. Assigned to = current user). Today we only have "is any of" and "is not any of":     So let´s add the option…
Francesca Shiekh
Currently the scheduler interface just shows if a job is done or not. It does not show if it failed and why. It would be nice to have individual logs for scheduler jobs accessible from the Scheduler interface. At the very least the resolution and message fields from the job_queue should be included in the Job Log.   The two main messages I see…
Bud Hartley
We have a number of fields set up for "Auditing" and we can obviously see the old and new value changes by user and date. We would like to be able to pull a complete list for the changes made by a particular user instead of doing a search of "Modified By" and looking at each record.  I have worked with the reports module and I can't figure out…
sidhu sidhu
Hi All,                 I think it would be better if we make a Flex relate field reportable in Sugar.This would allow users to easily search the parent records of a module.   Regards Sidhu Francesca Shiekh André Lopes
When two records are merged it is not clear that this has happened when you look at the change log. Could it record this please?
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