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Jacquelyn Lane
I want my users to be able to edit all of their contact information fields (address, phone, etc.). It is frustrating that certain fields are arbitrarily only editable in SI while others can be edited in Sugar. I need all of these to be populated accurately so that they can be leveraged by my marketing automation tool (Act-On). What's more, Act-On…
Jacquelyn Lane
I would like to be able to edit the native Sugar username field without creating a Local Authentication login for the user in Sugar Identity (SI). The username is used as the display name in Report charts and dashlets. When you create a new user in SI, it automatically pushes the email address to the username field in Sugar. I don't want email…
Yury Voloshin
It would be very helpful for Sugar Admins to be able to see PHP errors in the Admin panel when developing custom logic hooks. It would also decrease the workload for Sugar Support, since at this time I have to ask Sugar Support for details of PHP errors when I suspect such were thrown in my custom code, and no doubt other developers do the same.
Francesca Shiekh
Currently the scheduler interface just shows if a job is done or not. It does not show if it failed and why. It would be nice to have individual logs for scheduler jobs accessible from the Scheduler interface. At the very least the resolution and message fields from the job_queue should be included in the Job Log.   The two main messages I see…
Yury Voloshin
It would be helpful to move the "View Log" out of "System Settings" page and place it directly on the Admin page. It does not make intuitive sense to have it inside the "System Settings" because the log is not a System Setting. This change would also mean one less click when trying to view the log.
Yury Voloshin
In a record's audit log, when an action was taken by logic hook, it would be very helpful to see the logic hook's identifying information, such as class or location.
Currently, the Sugar default PDF templates contain a logo file embedded in the template for SugarCRM. However, there is no clear mechanism to embed another image unless the image is hosted at a URL outside of the SugarCRM instance. Per the How can I change the SugarCRM image on the PDF quote template? discussion, it is possible to upload…
Field does not change for a specified amount of time. The old advanced workflow has this feature but still has not made it over to the new bpm. would be nice to have this introduced back into the new bpm. please vote for this to be put back in.   See documentation:…
John Malone
Hi There, is there a plan for Line item VAT / GST (tax for those not familiar with european way of billing). We can have different VAT rates on a per line item basis here in europe - is this on the roadmap for Sugar 7, we have been looking for this for a long time. Thanks John      Dublin | London | Munich | Manchester | Vienna    John…
Holger Schulz
Hi all,   If I have a text field, I can't filter with "is empty". I just have the options "starts with" and "equals". The most time, that I have complete data is on empty fields.   At the moment, I have to create a report, export the report to CSV, do the mass change in the CVS file and import the CSV file and update the content. It would be…
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