Alex Nassi

Community Redesign and New Home Page!

Blog Post created by Alex Nassi Employee on Feb 9, 2017

It gives me great pleasure to announce some exciting changes to the SugarCRM Community. I shared some updates back in July 2016 (Changes to the SugarCRM Community), and the time has come for the next round!


The most immediate changes that you will see are updates to look and feel of the community, tying into this week's updates to In the community, these changes will help make certain aspects of the site more legible and easier to navigate. 


The new homepage of the community is now a "News Stream". This News Stream replaces the activity stream on the previous home page which showed all recent activity across all areas of the community without any way to filter out content that you, the community member, did not find of interest. The News Stream allows you to customize what information you would like to see and how you would like it delivered. You can learn more about this feature at Using the News Stream.


Additional changes to the home page include a new welcome banner and some additional layout changes along the right side of the screen. The new welcome banner will help make it easier to navigate the variety of different spaces in the community and other information to help you be successful using Sugar. The items on the right side of the screen will be fairly similar to the old layout, with one major exception. The points leaderboard has been temporarily removed, but will be replaced in the coming weeks. In the interim, you can view your points and standings on the leaderboard through your profile.


Over the coming weeks and months, there will be additional updates to the different spaces in the community as the next phase of these updates. I will update this post or continue adding new blog posts to the Getting Started space as these changes are introduced.


I hope that everyone enjoys these changes. Please share any feedback or questions in the comments below!