Alex Nassi

Community Updates - Week 1

Blog Post created by Alex Nassi Employee on Nov 9, 2015

Hello SugarCRM Community!


I wanted to provide an update on the community after our first full week since migrating to our new platform. I am very happy with the new site and am proud of how everything came out. With that said, there have been many learning experiences, with a few bumps along the way.


First of all I want to say a big “Thank you!” to everyone who has provided positive and constructive feedback! The group of us who dedicated our time to launching this new platform over the last few months greatly appreciates your support.


There have been a few aspects of our community migration that have not gone 100% according to plan, so I would like to discuss some of these and let you know where we stand.


  • Spam: Starting early Thursday morning (US Pacific time), a spammer (or group of spammers) started attacking the community, and more specifically, the Developer space. The users that were created were removed as soon as possible, as was all of their content. Since then, we have been closely monitoring the situation and banning accounts as fast as possible. In addition, we are using a variety of tools to prevent these issues from recurring. I assure you that we are working hard to prevent these types of attacks in the future. I am sorry to anyone who experienced these posts and received a large quantity of email notifications as a result of the activity.
  • Google search results: We have received many complaints about search results from Google directing to the home page of the community instead of to the intended post. Since we launched, Google has been crawling the new site to update these URLs. This process takes some time, and, unfortunately, I do not have an estimated time of completion. However, over the coming days, this process will continue to improve and Google should have updated URLs for the community.
    In the meantime, the search within the community will yield the proper search results. One of the easiest things to do is copy the title of the Google search result and use the search bar in the top-right of the community to be directed to the proper page.
  • Links within the community: Often, community members will reference other conversations with links to other community posts. During our data migration, these intra-community links were not updated and now point to expired pages. Earlier today, we ran an update on the necessary conversations to direct these to the new URLs. A majority of the links were fixed, but there are about 100 throughout the entire community that need additional work and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by our team.
  • External links to the community: We are also working to provide a URL cross reference utility so you can quickly retrieve the updated community URL when necessary. I do not have an estimate at this time of when this tooling will be completed, but we are working to have this completed as soon as possible.
  • Downtime: We experienced a few outages last week in the community, one of which was scheduled:
    • URL change on launch day (October 30th): On the day that the new site launched, we had to disable access to our previous GetSatisfaction community and transfer the domain name of to our new Jive community. This took approximately 2 hours to complete. In addition, many community members had the URL bookmarked, which lead to an error page. We quickly created a redirect for this URL and any others that were hitting the error page so that they would land on our new community home page.
    • Community outage (November 4th and 5th): On November 4th, the datacenter where our community is hosted experienced connectivity issues for approximately two hours. After service was restored, Jive moved to a heightened monitoring status and had to ultimately conduct one final restart of their servers on November 5th, affecting our community for approximately 30 minutes.
    • Upgrade (November 5th): Our community also went through a scheduled upgrade on November 5th, restricting access for approximately 45 minutes.

While outages can rarely be predicted, we are working to improve our communication process and monitoring tools around these incidents to minimize their impact.

  • Ideas comments: During our migration, any comments or replies on Idea posts were not properly migrated. This was quickly noticed and have since been imported. One known issue that we are unable to address is that, due to technical differences between GetSatisfaction and Jive, the date created for the ideas and their posts will show the import date, not the actual creation date. All other imported content reflects the correct date for when the activity originally occurred in Get Satisfaction.
  • Removed comments: During our migration, some comments that had been previously removed in GetSatisfaction carried over to Jive, including some spam or other posts against our community guidelines. Earlier today, these comments were removed.


If you have additional feedback or questions, please reply to this post or submit a question in the Getting Started space in the community so that other community members can participate in any discussions. Your feedback is important and will greatly help improve the community.


I’ll close by saying that there are some exciting projects that we have in the pipeline that take advantage of new functionality that we did not have previously. Our goals are to make this community strong, easy-to-use, welcoming, and beneficial for anyone and everyone who works with Sugar.


Thank you!

Alex Nassi

Community Manager