• Product Bundle / Kit

    Hi,   I have looked in the forum and only found an older post about whether sugar has the ability to bundle together products. So for example one single product would consists of other products.   An Exam...
    Kath Saba
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  • With the Sugar CRM (6.5 version) How to do the multiple text search inside module for description or the names?

    The sugar CRM vesrion is 6.5 , I Want to do the multiple text search inside module ,can anyone came across this? I have try to use the wild card search but not able to get the results? Other than elastic search any ...
    Chandan KC
    created by Chandan KC
  • Hi Currently am using Sugar CRM (version 6.5),I have  modules called RFQ and Opportunities.The RFQ will have opportunites,If I search for Opportunity name in RFQ module am not able to get the results(Cross module search),Can anyone faced same issue?

    Hi Currently am using Sugar CRM (version 6.5),I have  modules called RFQ and Opportunities.The RFQ will have opportunites,If I search for Opportunity name in RFQ module am not able to get the results(Cross module...
    Chandan KC
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  • add a page break in pdf manager

    I'd like to update our quote form with terms and conditions so everything is printed at once.  I need to be able to put in a page break, but none of the regular html seems to work for this.  Is there a diffe...
    Tara Hammond
    created by Tara Hammond
  • Sending campaign to single Contact

    There are times when I would like to send an email campaign to a Contact after the campaign has gone out.   Is there any way to do this?
    John Kitsmiller
    created by John Kitsmiller
  • Reassigning records don't save to new user. Reverts back.

    When a user is reassigning a record to another user and then clicking save, the "assigned to"reverts back to them instead of who they reassigned it to. They have to do this twice before the record actually saves with ...
    Melissa Musser
    created by Melissa Musser
  • showing who is looking at

    Hi  is there an opportunity to show the sugar user who is actually working on a specific profile / task / case?   sample scenario: - user a is working on case 12112 - the case isn't linked to user a at t...
    Jens Unger
    created by Jens Unger
  • How do you locate and uncheck the Default Dashboard checkbox?

    Sugar documentation says the checkbox for the Default Dashboard is automatically checked from out-of-the-box. I want to uncheck it so my users can set up their own dashboard that appears as their default home das...
    John Juarez
    created by John Juarez
  • Account management

    I accidently deleted an account while re naming it.  Is it possible to recover the account and info related?
    Ray  Larade
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  • The formula i am using for a certain date/time field keeps changing when any change is made in the module. What do i need to add to my formula that puts in the day of a dependent checkbox being marked.

    We have a checkbox in a module that when checked - sets the date to "today". However, when anything else is changed in that module, the date of the field updates to the new date. We want it to only set once, when the ...
    Kristin Bayle
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  • Inbound and outbound Outlook content not syncing

    Hi I have 2 users who cannot get their emails synced to Sugar.  We are using Outlook connector v2.6.0 and Version 9 of Sugar.  We have tested the connection with no issues,  but then get an error of "Th...
    Rachel Craft
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  • Outlook Plug-in - Find Sugar records - when selecting "Archive to Sugar" for an e-mail in the Outlook Inbox, the "Find Sugar records" does not find any records.  When using the same search string in the Opportunities Module, Sugar does find opportunities.

    Outlook Plug-in
    David Karohl
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  • Outlook plugin for Mac OS

    I use Microsoft Outlook on a Mac, and am wanting to be able to sync emails so they are stored on Sugar. It appears Macs are not supported, any help on this?
    Molly Callaghan
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  • Calendar: how can I distinguish scheduled calls from calling leads?

    Hi!   After been helped really well last time, I have another question.    Personally I like to use my Sugar calendar like a real calendar, meaning that everything that is in there is an actual appoin...
    Ronnie van der Linden
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  • How can I seperate scheduled calls, meetings and tasks from 'background' issues?

    Hi!    We currently are using SugarCRM Enterprise for sales, account management and customer support.    We are a B2B software provider. I'd like to optimise my Sugar experience for my personal r...
    Ronnie van der Linden
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  • How can I make a new dashboard from my Reports?

    I am trying to make a custom dashlet from a report i made, but somehow i can't do this. I only see the standard dashlets. Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance
    Sjoerd van den Bosch
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  • No active time periods

      Why do I keep getting this pop up? Can I prevent. Chrome browser. (on task window)
    Sanjay Sanghani
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  • Hi All - Automatic Opportunity Creation on Inbound Outlook Email

    Does anyone know if a new Opportunity can be automatically created from an inbound email to an MS Outlook email group? And if the Opportunity can be opened against a record other than an Account? E.g. a sit...
    Malcolm Black
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  • What is this error in Outlook plugin log?

      Test pass however sidepanel shows otherwise~     Log error below:   2018-12-05 17:00:00,481 [VSTA_Main] ERROR Sugar.Outlook.Outlook - RDOSession can't be initialized System.InvalidCastExcept...
    Yan Yu Yong
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  • How to get notified when sales stage changed

    I have a list of deals that I have favorited. Is there a way to get an email notification every time when sales stage changed for all my favorited deals? Thanks
    dennis lee
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