• Please help with process definition workflow

    I could not find department field in Users Module. I am trying to create process definition for quotation approval. I used exclusive gateway for criteria. I want to set Users(Department is sales managment) in criteria...
    Julia Khin
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  • Birthday email campaign

    Hi! In Sugar Market, how would you select contacts whose birthday is today to automatically send them an email? Thank you!
  • Project module

    Sugar (version 9.0.2) Pro   Hi All,   I've been asked to look at the Project Module for our CRM. Out of the box, it looks a bit clunky and has a bug when using UK date format.   Does anyone know of p...
    john mckenzie
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  • transfer an opportunity between accounts

    I recently joined a new company. My predecessor created 2 separate accounts for one company, one for HQ and one for the branch.  I was able to change it to a parent/child relationship using the Membership pane.&#...
    Vince Tornillo
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  • Why does the new design in V10.0 waste my 27" monitor space?

    We've just been updates to V10 and found our glorious 27" screens wasted as all our information is scrunched to the left of the screen.  Where we could see full email and address details these are now truncated. ...
    Nathan Morrison
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  • Functions on New Quote Module

    I have a number of questions about the Quote module after exploring in depth with a customer today:   1) You can drag and drop Line Items, but NOT groups? (I have tested) is there a setting which will enable Gro...
    Sara Tatam
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  • Troubleshooting Cross-Site Forgery Messages / Token Problems

    When trying to save / attach a document in the module itself or i.e. in the ticket modul using the document sub panel, users are getting sometimes the following Error Message     According to the research...
    Deniz Kilic
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  • how can I generate advanced report as pdf?

    I created advanced report using custom query and it is working. The report runs correctly. But I cannot generate the report as pdf. I can only export the report to csv file.I want to generate the advanced report as pd...
    Julia Khin
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  • I cannot launch an email through Sugar Connect Side Panel on the Quotes Module

    I can launch an email in some, but not all modules when using Sugar Connect in Outlook, Office 365. It does work on leads and contacts. Any idea why? I would like to fix it.  
    Erik Rose
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  • When will Tasks support reminders and recurrence?

    Are there any plans to include this capability in an upcoming release? If not, has anyone been successful in replicating those functions using processes?
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  • What hardware do i need in order to integrate Click to Call?

    Im willing to make a system where agents will be able to simple click and call costumers. After few hours of reading, its very confusing for me and i dont know what hardware would i need. Im thinking to get separate m...
    rhymeguy rhymeguy
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  • User profile advanced settings, Field Name Placement

    Following the upgrade where the Field Name Placement has been moved to the side, I'd like to change it back.  I go into my Profile and the Advanced Tab but I don't have Layout Options available to change the sett...
    Alison Whittle
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  • Why are my emails flagged in my inbox

    I am seeing all of my emails in my Outlook being flagged. Why are all of my emails being flagged ?
    Darin Schoumaker
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  • Browser Focus Generating Unsaved Changes Warning?

    Our users seem to be having the "unsaved changes" warning messages pop up more in recent days/weeks. It seems like user interface is pretty "touchy" about leaving the focus during entry/editing (e.g. to take a call, l...
    Vince Outlaw
    created by Vince Outlaw
  • The modules at the top banner of the interface are not populating. How do I fix this issue?

    Tried clearing cache and this happens. Do I have to clear the cache multiple times?
    Tom Ricciardi
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  • Poor UI design - Altering record card design in new UI

    We've recently had our sugar cloud instance updated to 10.0. There has been a massive step back in UI design across the board but especially when viewing records.   Any fieldname in a record gets cut off after 1...
    Angus McKechnie
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  • Is there any latest integration of Quickbooks with Sugarcrm?

    Hi, Is there any latest integration of quickbooks with SugarCRM 
    Phillips Campbell
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  • How to calculate ratio?

    Hello,   I work on sugar and I would like to calculate ratio(like how many leads became opportunity(conversion ratio) or a win/loss ratio for the opportunities). Mathematicly speaking, I need to make a division...
    last modified by le_boeuf@hotmail.com
  • The password button has vanished?

    Today a colleague asked me how to change her password and when I wanted to show her how via her profile I noticed that the button "Password" has vanished. It has also vanished in my admin account on the user profiles....
    Jelena Haramis
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  • How can I report on the Product Catalog?

    Hi All, Just want to know if is there any way to enable Product Catalog module in Reports. On checking it in core code it seems there's no upgrade safe way to do so as SugarCRM by default not allow to create report ...
    Krishna Bhaya
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