• Choosing between salesforce, sugar and suitecrm

    I have evaluated 3 applications as above and am having difficulty making a decision. We will have 100 users in sales, marketing and customer service. Reprting, portal, sales, issue management plus quotations are impor...
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  • Webinar: How to Carry Out Omnichannel Campaign Effectively with Minimum Effort

    Date: June 14, 2018 Time: 4:00 - 4:45 PM UTC+1 Especially useful for: Marketing representatives Marketing managers Sugar evangelists Sugar admins Why it's worth attending: Get to know how to decrease time on e...
    Zlatyslava Topchyi
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  • WEBINAR: Productivity Enhancement for Every CRM User with Minimum Effort and Maximum Results

    DATE: March 20, 2018 TIME: 4:00 - 4:45 PM UTC+0 Especially useful for: sales & service representatives sales & service managers Sugar evangelists Sugar admins Why it's worth attending: You can save a l...
  • Click to call in Sugar 7.10

    I want agents to be simply able to click and call customers from Sugar and also record calls. I’ve been doing some research and reading about plugins but not sure. It would be nice if someone can suggest or shar...
    Chris  Brown
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  • Can't find Outlook Plugin pages in SugarCRM 6.5.23

    we are using SugarCRM Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061) but there is something interesting. We can't find the download page of outlook plugins. This is what we saw   anything wrong or we should install a module for...
    techeng shen
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  • WEBINAR: How to Make Your Sales Team Truly Mobile and Literally Move CRM Data at the End of Their Fingertips

    DATE: FEBRUARY 08, 2018 TIME: 4:00 - 4:30 PM UTC+0   Especially useful for: Sales representatives and managers who need to be mobile Sugar evangelists Sugar admins SugarCRM partners Why it's worth attendin...
  • 3 Important CRM System Improvements for Delivering Better CX at Omnichannel Environment

    If you wish to be successful in nowadays business, you need to both have effective lead generation machine and deliver positive Customer Experience. It's an axiom. There are 3 typical destroyers of CX that are very o...
  • Webinar: How to Both Deliver Great Customer Experience and Automate Email Marketing

    Find out how to both implement intelligent trigger email marketing and improve CX using full power of SugarCRM platform Will be useful for: sales & marketing managers sales representatives inside sales Sugar ...
  • Customer Journey Plug-in 4.5.2 is Here!

    We have new and exciting updates with the latest release of the Customer Journey Plug-in. First off, it is now compatible with the latest release of Sugar - Sugar Fall ‘17 (on-demand only release) expanding the ...
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  • Outlook not syncing calls

    Hi,   I recently changed my laptop and cannot seem to get the sync working again, I have gone through all the steps in the document but all of the tabs are showing a last update on the 30th of November. ...
    Jeff Hocking
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  • SugarCRM dashlets

    Hi guys (sorry for my english, i'm italian) this is the problem: I created a custom module with relate fields, but when i show its dashlet, my records are not visible If you need more information  i'm here, t...
    Michele Grassi
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  • WEBINAR: A Smart Way to Collect Key Business Events in Sugar for BI and AI

    Especially useful for: Sugar evangelists Sugar admins BI and AI analysts SugarCRM partners Why it's worth attending: you’ll be able to make your Sugar Users much happier you’ll learn about an easy w...
  • Webinar: How Salespeople Can Work in Sugar Faster and Easier [Recording]

    The typical salesperson today is overwhelmed, with too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. This webinar shows how you can make your life easier just in a few days: If you'd like to try TimeLine Viewer...
  • Webinar: How Salespeople Can Work in Sugar Faster and Easier

    DATE: November 9, 2017 TIME: 4 - 4.45 pm UTC+ 0 Especially useful for: sales representatives sales managers Sugar evangelists Sugar admins Why it's worth attending: You can make your life easier in a few days b...
    Zlatyslava Topchyi
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  • Weird behaviour of $_SESSION on custom API endpoint and custom entryPoint

    I am encountering a weird behavior regarding how sugar handles sessions on custom entryPoints and session on custom api endpoints. I have created a custom entryPoint that sets a variable on the $_SESSION and the...
    Vincent Jaro
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  • Incoming Mail Issue

    Hi folks, Can anyone help here... Sugar stopped receiving email into its various inboxes at 11:59PM on Tuesday 22 Aug. We have a handful of different email addresses that we access via SugarCRM (we're on the Com...
    Alberto Nadal
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  • Reports Module Help!

    Hi All, hope someone can help. I know the Sugar Reports Module pretty well but I have a real head scratcher with generating one report. The Report I need relates to Targets and I need to see All Targets, assigned to a...
    Neil Hutchinson
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  • Query Error

    I receive the following error message when trying to save a quotation; "Error: Query limit of 50000 reached for quotes module"   Please advise.
    Michael Coughlin
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  • Opportunities Metrics Configuration

    Hi all, I got a question regarding of the "Opporutnities Metrics" pie chart in the "Company" section. Opportunities Metrix pie chart will always show the Won / Lost as well as the Active amount of Loan commitment am...
    Duke Xu
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  • What Keeps You Up At Night?

    This is NOT a rhetorical question. I want to know, from the community of CRM end users, what you worry about. This will help brainsell better server you as we continue deploy enterprise CRM implementa...
    Kevin Cook
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