• Getting "Not Authorized" Activity stream is disabled

    Hi,   I am getting "Not Authorized, Activity stream is disabled" error in console, while clicking "Close and Create New" link from record view action dropdown in Calls module.  Getting blank page of create...
    Irulappan Pandi
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  • Are there any officially supported mobile apps for CE users?

    In response to @mallardnathan on Twitter: http://twitter.com/mallardnathan/stat... @SugarSupport Do you offer any form of iOS apps that work with the Community Edition of SugarCRM (even if we have to pay extra for t...
    HootSuite App
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  • "Reports to" section in "User Management" is Not working if "Assign User" not mentioned. Please suggest.

    Suppose I have 3 employee A, B and C. A is Admin user who Assigns opportunities to User B. B reports to C. But in current scenario, C is not able to see any opportunities of employee B which A assigns.
    Sourav Dutta
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  • App is slow?

    I was just wondering if other people have a hard time finding an account on the Sugar App?  We have a large amount of accounts and when the sales people are out in the field they cannot always find them in the ap...
    Amy Frybarger
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  • uploading multiple photos via mobile

    Hello - I have a client that is looking to upload multiple photos via the mobile app at one time.  The current way of doing it is way to many clicks and they would like a quicker way to save time.  All of th...
    Kaleb Dague
    created by Kaleb Dague
  • Adding leads to target lists in ap

    Can you add leads to target lists from the app?
    Loran Perkins
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  • how to populate the details along with attachments of the lead if the lead was already generated?

    Hi, So basically what I am looking for is when I try to create a new lead and add the details about the lead, I should get a pop-up which states that this lead already exists in the system and here are the all the det...
    Rahul Pillai
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  • mobile sugarcrm instance

    How do i find the My Sugar CRM instance URL to use in the Mobile App?   Thanks!
    Praveen Urs
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  • Using bean how can i fetch single records from any module?

    $account = new Account(); $account->retrieve($_REQUEST['record']); $contacts = $account->get_linked_beans('contacts','Contact'); foreach ( $contacts as $contact ) { echo "{$contact->name}\n" }   U...
    Ajit Agarw
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  • I have an application built in java using V10 rest Apis. i want to display modules along with their relationship.

    Eg: If i fetch module accounts, then all account metadata along with relationship with other modules.
    Anup Kumar
    created by Anup Kumar
  • Can I access via mobile browser or is app required?

    When I attempt to go to the mobile site, my browser automatically prompts me to search for the app in the app store. Problem is, I'm on Windows Phone OS and do not have access to the app. Is an app required for m...
    Jacquelyn Lane
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  • What is deep linking in SugarCRM Mobile v4?

    With this weeks release notes for SugarCRM Mobile v4 it talks about deep linking. Can someone explain what that is and provide some example user stories where this might be used?   Also, where is the best place ...
    Darren Flood
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  • Auto-archive emails sent from mobile app

    Hi everyone - we are using the Sugar mobile app quite heavily, both internally and with Sugar customers. I have been asked several times whether emails sent from within the app automatically attach to the correspondin...
    Philippa Grover
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  • Accessing SugarCRM from mobile phone

    Hello, When I access SugarCRM using a tablet (via a browser), I can get my normal Sugar Login screen with my customized modules and settings. However, when I use my mobile phone to access it (also via a browser), I g...
    Stella Wong
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  • Automatic recognition and data storage into SugarCRM

    Hello   I want to hear your opinion about your the business card scanner. Currently, there are several worthy applications. At first glance they are identical. So, what business card reader do you use now for ...
    Denis Kravchuk
    created by Denis Kravchuk
  • Server unavailable on given url in SugarCRM Mobile

    Hi, We have some problems with the SugarCRM mobile app. We are running SugarCRM Professional, version 7.2.0 on Ubuntu. SugarCRM is running on https, this is working fine for the general site and the mobile...
    Johan Johan
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  • 401 error ,reason=Unauthorized Unknown

    Hi All, I'm using https://xxx.sugarondemand.com/rest/v10/bulk API call to write into SugarCRM. I'm trying to write a large amount of data to SugarCRM,but after some time,after loading few thousands of records, I'm g...
    Anush Shetty
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  • Embed "Or" statement in list view dashlet...?

    Is there a way to embed an "or" statement in a list view dashlet? Out of the box, Sugar assumes you want the List View dashlet filters to be "and" functions.   However, I want a list view of Opportunities with a...
    Philippa Grover
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  • iCal is NOT working on iPhone

    Hi Community,   I created meetings on Sugar via my computer for same day appointments - these appointments have not shown up on my iPhone iCal.  Although these new appointments are present on my computer iC...
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  • Presentations and training for how to use SugarCRM

    please send me any presentation for how to use SugarCRM
    Ahmed Atia
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