• Performance Issues?

    Recently [Sugar Enterprise 8.3.0] my Sugar Instance has had A LOT of performance issues. Continuous logouts, HTTP500 issues, Cross-Site Forgery issues, and problems with Token Authentication. There is not pattern to ...
    Brittney Evans
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  • Getting "Not Authorized" Activity stream is disabled

    Hi,   I am getting "Not Authorized, Activity stream is disabled" error in console, while clicking "Close and Create New" link from record view action dropdown in Calls module.  Getting blank page of create...
    Irulappan Pandi
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  • "Reports to" section in "User Management" is Not working if "Assign User" not mentioned. Please suggest.

    Suppose I have 3 employee A, B and C. A is Admin user who Assigns opportunities to User B. B reports to C. But in current scenario, C is not able to see any opportunities of employee B which A assigns.
    Sourav Dutta
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  • Evernote Integration

    Hello can anyone recommend a solution for importing Evernote notes to Sugar?   We have a rep that uses Evernote for meetings and each note has multiple attachments whereas in Sugar you would have to create one n...
    created by DIANA ADAMS
  • Outlook not syncing calls

    Hi,   I recently changed my laptop and cannot seem to get the sync working again, I have gone through all the steps in the document but all of the tabs are showing a last update on the 30th of November. ...
    Jeff Hocking
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  • how to populate the details along with attachments of the lead if the lead was already generated?

    Hi, So basically what I am looking for is when I try to create a new lead and add the details about the lead, I should get a pop-up which states that this lead already exists in the system and here are the all the det...
    Rahul Pillai
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  • Customer Journey Plug-in W/ Sugar Advanced Workflow

    Hello!   A lot of people I have been speaking with are not aware of the difference between Customer Journey Plug-in and Sugar Advanced Workflow, let alone how the power of integrating the two.   This is a po...
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  • Google Calendar - No sync

    Hello,   I'm new to SugarCRM and I'm very excited about the possibilities it offers. I'm trying to sync the calendar to Google Calendar, or at least to have it shown in Google Calendar.   I passed the iCa...
    Luke Patwell
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  • Can you make Inventory show only items with 1 or more on hand show up?

    We have a bunch of items coming in from our Quickbooks integration. We would like for inventory that is actually available to show up. So if item X has 0 it wont but if item Y has 5,000 units, it will.   Thanks!
    John Vecchio
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  • Automatic recognition and data storage into SugarCRM

    Hello   I want to hear your opinion about your the business card scanner. Currently, there are several worthy applications. At first glance they are identical. So, what business card reader do you use now for ...
    Denis Kravchuk
    created by Denis Kravchuk
  • 401 error ,reason=Unauthorized Unknown

    Hi All, I'm using https://xxx.sugarondemand.com/rest/v10/bulk API call to write into SugarCRM. I'm trying to write a large amount of data to SugarCRM,but after some time,after loading few thousands of records, I'm g...
    Anush Shetty
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  • Performance of Insert Operation is too slow

    Hi,   We are using SugarCRM "POST" API call to insert into the modules,but we find out the performance of the Insert operation is too slow. Is there any other API call we can use to increase the performance of th...
    Anush Shetty
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  • What is the difference between a Target and a Target List?

    I integrate with Act-On marketing automation software and have the ability to import Sugar Targets or Target Lists. I'm familiar with Target Lists but what is a Target?
    Cheryl Clemans
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  • API call for Bulk Update and Delete Operations

    Hi,   Is there any API call for "bulk" Update and Delete operations in SugarCRM?   Regards Anush Shetty
    Anush Shetty
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  • Limitation of "get/Object_Name" API Call

    Hi We are using SugarCRM Ondemand Instance. We are using the following API call to read data from SugarCRM objects(Leads,Accounts,Contacts..etc)   https://******.sugarondemand.com/rest/v10/Contacts?max_num=-1 The...
    Anush Shetty
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  • What is the API call to support the "Upsert(Insert or Update)" Operation in SugarCRM?

    Hi,   Is there any API call to support the Upsert (Insert or Update) Operation in SugarCRM?
    Anush Shetty
    created by Anush Shetty
  • Twitter connector functionality

    Since the need for social media support is real nowadays, we figured we setup the Twitter connector for our SugarCRM 7.6.1   We noticed a lot of limitations and for us, its only of little use at the moment. Here...
    Johannsen Quinio
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  • Presentations and training for how to use SugarCRM

    please send me any presentation for how to use SugarCRM
    Ahmed Atia
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