• Please help with process definition workflow

    I could not find department field in Users Module. I am trying to create process definition for quotation approval. I used exclusive gateway for criteria. I want to set Users(Department is sales managment) in criteria...
    Julia Khin
    created by Julia Khin
  • When will Tasks support reminders and recurrence?

    Are there any plans to include this capability in an upcoming release? If not, has anyone been successful in replicating those functions using processes?
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  • What hardware do i need in order to integrate Click to Call?

    Im willing to make a system where agents will be able to simple click and call costumers. After few hours of reading, its very confusing for me and i dont know what hardware would i need. Im thinking to get separate m...
    rhymeguy rhymeguy
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  • How can I enable Activity Streams for custom modules?

    How can I enable the activity stream for custom modules?  This is meant to be a feature for Enterprise and upwards. Cheers Andy
    moinerus moinerus
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  • On Premiss Server Slowing Down - SQL Log files ?

    Hello everyone,   Request to our server have been seriously slowed down this week.  While checking the table's size, the report below has been displayed.  Does any know what's the " tracker " table ?...
    Thibaut  Legrand
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  • How do you replace the Sugar logo for reports?

    I am using Sugar Pro 7.2. Does anyone know how to replace the Sugar logo from the reports pdf with my company's logo?
    Cesar Villa
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  • Are Non-Primary Email Addresses Reportable?

    Following the instructions in the link below, we are able to use the Primary Email Address in reports linked to a record.  http://support.sugarcrm.com/04_Knowledge_Base/03End_Users/100Reports/Including_Email_Add...
    Emilio Taylor
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  • Why does my iCal or any of my teams subscribed calendars only sync out 8 weeks?  I need at least 12 weeks if not 18 weeks on my subscribed calendars.

    Why does my iCal or any of my teams subscribed calendars only sync out 8 weeks? I need at least 12 weeks if not 18 weeks on my subscribed calendars.   v7.7.2.3
    Sy Creed
    created by Sy Creed
  • Mass update - Checkbox dont appear

    I created a new checkbox field within Contacts module and put it under 'checked' as its standard value. The problem is all the records I had prior to this change are unchecked by default. Im trying to mass update all...
    Elizeu Elizeu
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  • Excel 2013 Plugin not working

    I am currently running Windows 8.1 and using Excel 2013 32-bit. I have installed the April 2015 plugin for Excel 2013. I am able to login and have connection to my On-Demand instance of Sugar Enterprise version 7.6.1....
    Stephen Valentine
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  • Cloned a Sugar Instance for Testing

    taken a dump and installed in xampp changed config file as per requirement. when i logged into crm getting error as invalid credentials. what is the problem and do i need to change any changes in code???   https...
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  • Defaut user team: global setting and mass update

    One of our customers would like to go from an "open access" model to a team based model.    Is is possible to globally set the default team for new records or mass-update users' default teams?    ...
    Damien Pochon
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  • How to import contacts and companies at once

    I have an external list of contacts and their companies and would like to import it into Sugar. When I do it only checks on email so it only finds those duplicates. That means it then creates a new company record for ...
    Mark Lackey
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  • roll up call history to accounts detail view

    Hi, In Sugar 7.x when you add any activity, Calls, Meetings, Task, to an Opportunity it doesn't seem to roll-up to be viewable at the Account detail overview screen. Any idea how to make it so please?
    Tony Romano
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  • "Reports to" section in "User Management" is Not working if "Assign User" not mentioned. Please suggest.

    Suppose I have 3 employee A, B and C. A is Admin user who Assigns opportunities to User B. B reports to C. But in current scenario, C is not able to see any opportunities of employee B which A assigns.
    Sourav Dutta
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  • How to enable customer portal for SugarCRM 7.6 enterprise

    Hi ,   I am using SugarCRM 7.6 Enterprise edition. Can anyone please help me to enable the Customer Portal of the instance.   I am able to "create Portal API User"  but not getting where should i get ...
    Vaishali Bhalerao
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  • Outlook plugin 2.5 not archiving attachments

    Hi folks.   After upgrading to plugin 2.5, my attachments wont archive but the email does. I backed down to 2.4.4 and then it works. Nothing else changed.   So, is this a bug or do we need to config someth...
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • How can I change the font?

    Overnight Sugar SPM looks completely different. The font is too light and too small. How can I get it darker and bigger?
    Maria Farensbach
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  • Sharing dashboards

    Hi Sugar Community, Is it possible to share dashboards with other users in your instance? I am very new to Sugar (Salesforce user over here) and I cannot understand where I need to go to give permissions/access to ot...
    Lorraine So
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  • clustered bar chart instead of stacked

    Hi    Does anyone know how I can get graphs to mimic excel in this one the Quarters are group Excel Example SugarCRM Example In SugarCRM I group by Quarter/Year and get this if I do Year/Qu...
    Joe Carter
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