• What hardware do i need in order to integrate Click to Call?

    Im willing to make a system where agents will be able to simple click and call costumers. After few hours of reading, its very confusing for me and i dont know what hardware would i need. Im thinking to get separate m...
    rhymeguy rhymeguy
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  • How to import list of invalid email addresses

    We have a csv file of email addresses that bounced when we sent out a marketing campaign using a third party marketing tool. Is there a way to take this list and import it into Sugar and set the invalid flag to True f...
    Brett Zufelt
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  • How can I assign multiple contacts to a task in 6.7.5?

    I would like to be able to select multiple contacts for a task.  How can I set this up to allow the selection of multiple contacts?
    Michele Mannon
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  • "Reports to" section in "User Management" is Not working if "Assign User" not mentioned. Please suggest.

    Suppose I have 3 employee A, B and C. A is Admin user who Assigns opportunities to User B. B reports to C. But in current scenario, C is not able to see any opportunities of employee B which A assigns.
    Sourav Dutta
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  • How do I automatically populate specific account information from their related account?

    Hey, I am using Sugar Version 6.5.25 and I would like to know how to populate the account details other than the account name in invoice module. While generating the invoice related to each account, I need to re...
    Arya vs
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  • How can we remove inactive or completeted projects from the timesheet matrix? 

    The timesheet matrix has become cumbersome as every project I ever did any work on shows on the matrix.  Most of these projects are inactive or complete.  I do not want to delete the projects from Sugar as t...
    George Brown
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  • Upgrade 6.5.16 to a version that uses PHP5.6

    Hello, We are having an issue with a friend's Sugar install. They are just swapping web hosts and we are trying to help them. They have a SugarCRM CE install using version 6.5.16   We would like to upgr...
    James Baldock
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  • Does SugarCRM Community Edition Version 6.5.xx work under php7?

    Hi, I use SugarCRM Community Edition Version 6.5.23 and php 5.3. Does it work under php7? Thanks Thierry
    Thierry Leprince
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  • SugarCRM CE - Migration - 'The file is corrupt and cannot be opened'

    Hello,   Please can someone help me, I am desperate to fix an old Sugar install for a friend of mine.   I've moved the site from the old hosting server to a new one. Since the move, each time we download a...
    James Baldock
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  • What are the best practices to associate contacts with opportunities?

    I created an opportunity. I want to associate various contacts with that opportunity. But, I have not found a way to auto populate the fields when adding a contact to an opportunity. (This is different than trying to ...
  • sugarcrm versie 6.5 plugin for outlook 2016

    I have Sugarcrm version 6.5 and i want to install a plugin in order to sync with outlook 2016 .  Where can I find it ?
    Dirk  van der burg
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  • Search for Calls within Date

    Hello dear friends, We are running Version 6.5.16 (Build 1082) on our own server and suits our needs just fine. We are a small company with only 5 employees. What we would like to do is to be able to search Calls wi...
    Fotis Vassis
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  • Importar y exportar

    Buenas tardes   exporte un modulo de un crm que tengo por medio de estudio, me genero un zip que utilice en otro crm para cargarlo, me lo instala correctamente y me lo muestra en la lista del cargador de m&oacut...
    andres gutierrez
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  • Creating a relationship to email module

    Im running sugar community edition 6.5. How can i add a relationship from a module loaded via an addin to the emails module in Studio? I can see the emails module loaded and enabled for display but i cant see it ...
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  • there is any free themes for sugar crm 6.5? thanks a lot

    i need one because i don't like the default theme :C
    Michele Grassi
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  • SugarCRM dashlets

    Hi guys (sorry for my english, i'm italian) this is the problem: I created a custom module with relate fields, but when i show its dashlet, my records are not visible If you need more information  i'm here, t...
    Michele Grassi
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  • Export to csv file function not available?

    Hello, I'm using Sugar Corporate Version 6.7.5 I'm not sure if I have some wrong settings but I am not able to export a rows and column report to a csv file. It only allows me to print as pdf.  Can anyone ...
    Christina Christina
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  • Hi, I need help regarding duplicate. How to prevent duplicate entry on name?

    I have created custom module and I wanted to prevent users from entering same name. I've turned this "name" as display label: "BL No.." I needed to prevent or at least do not allow them from entering same BL No. Thank...
    Zidane Aileron
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  • Issue in matrix report

    I have created matrix report on custom module. But it showing diff data count on chart & on table. Please help? I am using sugarcrm 6.5.
    Ishani Lad
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  • Long transfer card

    Minutes 5 save changes on ANY page if you change the person in charge. The sweat of this if I'm transferring the card ON YOURSELF (if from someone to someone, then slowly), then everything passes quickly. Help please!
    Sergey Levkovich
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