• Mass update - Checkbox dont appear

    I created a new checkbox field within Contacts module and put it under 'checked' as its standard value. The problem is all the records I had prior to this change are unchecked by default. Im trying to mass update all...
    Elizeu Elizeu
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  • Defaut user team: global setting and mass update

    One of our customers would like to go from an "open access" model to a team based model.    Is is possible to globally set the default team for new records or mass-update users' default teams?    ...
    Damien Pochon
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  • Getting "Not Authorized" Activity stream is disabled

    Hi,   I am getting "Not Authorized, Activity stream is disabled" error in console, while clicking "Close and Create New" link from record view action dropdown in Calls module.  Getting blank page of create...
    Irulappan Pandi
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  • Create new records and update existing records

    Hello community, I'm new to this forum but I really need your help..   I'm trying to find a solution that will allow me to update my contacts.   It's actually a big sheet with a looooot of informations an...
    Charlotte Proth
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  • How can I erase all emails in Sugar CRM?

    I want to erase all emails in my CRM but I do not know to erase the 160.000 emails all at once...
    David Poveda
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  • delete contacts with bounced mails

    I have thousand of contacts with bounced emails. I would like to delete all these contacts. Any suggestion? Thank you in advance
    David Poveda
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  • Evernote Integration

    Hello can anyone recommend a solution for importing Evernote notes to Sugar?   We have a rep that uses Evernote for meetings and each note has multiple attachments whereas in Sugar you would have to create one n...
    created by DIANA ADAMS
  • Updating Target Lists

    This has been asked before but I thought it worth checking if there has been any progress in recent times. We use Sugar on Demand.   We have a number of Target Lists (usually comprising Contacts)  ...
    Greg Barrass
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  • How to mass delete duplicates

    I just synced my Inbox25 to our leads module and it has Citrix integration for Gotowebinar and it uploaded each new lead 3 times so I need to figure out a way to either merge them or delete all the duplicates.   ...
    Paul Harrington
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  • Functions on New Quote Module

    I have a number of questions about the Quote module after exploring in depth with a customer today:   1) You can drag and drop Line Items, but NOT groups? (I have tested) is there a setting which will enable Gro...
    Sara Tatam
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  • Accounts Massive Import

    Hi! I'd like to do a massive account import and I can't do it.   Does anybody knows if it's something blocked by default on Sugar, or it's something every company blocks and can manage?? If it's the second part...
    Sara Moncasi
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  • how to populate the details along with attachments of the lead if the lead was already generated?

    Hi, So basically what I am looking for is when I try to create a new lead and add the details about the lead, I should get a pop-up which states that this lead already exists in the system and here are the all the det...
    Rahul Pillai
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  • How can I add Opted Out Emails to a filter?

    I have marked several hundred email addresses as Opted Out of Email and now I want to use the filter function in Contacts to see them and further assign them to a status but I can't seem to find a way to add this to a...
    Mimi Kantor
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  • Do assignment notifications send if records are mass updated in Sugar7?

    Do assignment notifications send if records are mass updated in Sugar7?
    Jon Parmley
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  • How do I unlink multiple records from Target List in Pro 7.2?

    I have created a Target List. I then added records by using the "Select from Reports" function. That way I imported/linked 76 records (contacts with emails). But it was a mistake, and now I want to remove/unlink all t...
    Christopher Grenness
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  • Sync to Email field is not correctly stored in SugarCRM 7.7

    Hi, it seems Sugar 7.7 retains the 'Sync to Email client' checkbox only for the last contact you mark for sync (per user). How to reproduce: - set up new SugarCRM 7.7 instance with demo data - mark several contac...
    Mark Willert
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  • i'd like to create a calculated field in sugar that adds up the total amount for each opportunity for every user.

    i'm using enterprise edition and i'm not a developer so i just wanted to know if there's a way i can do this without having to use logic hooks. maybe if i could be pointed to the right direction...
    Emeka Okafor
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  • how do i create a report to populate a target list

    I want to import a csv database to send out a marketing email to. I know how to import the csv file but not sure how to then populate a target list from it. I think I need to create a report to use as the target data?
    David Woolven
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  • How do I mark all emails in the Inbox as "read"?

    I have 16,000 as unread, and do each one individually or in groups of 20 doesn't make sense.
    David Karohl
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  • 401 error ,reason=Unauthorized Unknown

    Hi All, I'm using https://xxx.sugarondemand.com/rest/v10/bulk API call to write into SugarCRM. I'm trying to write a large amount of data to SugarCRM,but after some time,after loading few thousands of records, I'm g...
    Anush Shetty
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