• Sending campaign to single Contact

    There are times when I would like to send an email campaign to a Contact after the campaign has gone out.   Is there any way to do this?
    John Kitsmiller
    created by John Kitsmiller
  • Create new records and update existing records

    Hello community, I'm new to this forum but I really need your help..   I'm trying to find a solution that will allow me to update my contacts.   It's actually a big sheet with a looooot of informations an...
    Charlotte Proth
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  • Best Marketing Automation Tool that Integrates with Sugar

    Hi Everyone -   Question for the marketing users -   For those using separate marketing automation tools that integrates with Sugar for their lead and marketing needs, what tools are you using and wha...
    Nisha Prasad
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  • Updating Target Lists

    This has been asked before but I thought it worth checking if there has been any progress in recent times. We use Sugar on Demand.   We have a number of Target Lists (usually comprising Contacts)  ...
    Greg Barrass
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  • looked ar MS word but could not find the mail merge add-on.  Any suggestions on where to look?

    cannot find anything on the MS Word program to add the mail merge link that the SUGAR CRM help page said to find
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  • Tracker URL function not working

    When creating an email template, I use the tracker URL function so I know who's clicked on my links. However, the latest update seems to have an error where it pulls through the tracker name rather than the URL. This ...
    Vicki Hamilton
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  • What hardware do i need in order to integrate Click to Call?

    Im willing to make a system where agents will be able to simple click and call costumers. After few hours of reading, its very confusing for me and i dont know what hardware would i need. Im thinking to get separate m...
    rhymeguy rhymeguy
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  • SugraCRM form with divs and UiKit

    I am trying to replicate a SugarCRM form using Uikit and divs instead of the original tables that were used. I cannot seem to get the form to process after converting all content to Uikit specific layout. The Uikit ...
    JJ Spelman
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  • Configure MS Exchange Server to sync with SugarCRM Community Edition.

    Hello everyone wanted to ask you a question, because I have trouble setting up my MS Exchange Server to use to send and receive emails and advertising campaigns with CRM Sugar Community Edition 6.5.16
    GR GR
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  • pdf manager lost styling when genereated

    Hi   Is there a known bug for PDF Manager for loosing it's styling when generated?   I have created a PDF for Contacts and when it generates from the module it has kept the font styles.   Any help mu...
    Joe Carter
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  • Add email address of contact to PDF Manager

    Hi Using PDF Manager with the Contacts Module I can add what looks like every field except email address.   Does anyone know how this can be achieved.  Using 7.7 On-Demand.
    Joe Carter
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  • How works "show alternative text" in email editor campaign module?

    I have sent an email campaign with an email template html,  some of my target have recived an alternative text in latin .   How this is works? there is any reason why i visualize the alternative text and no...
    Andrea Mazzeo
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  • How do I unlink multiple records from Target List in Pro 7.2?

    I have created a Target List. I then added records by using the "Select from Reports" function. That way I imported/linked 76 records (contacts with emails). But it was a mistake, and now I want to remove/unlink all t...
    Christopher Grenness
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  • i'd like to create a calculated field in sugar that adds up the total amount for each opportunity for every user.

    i'm using enterprise edition and i'm not a developer so i just wanted to know if there's a way i can do this without having to use logic hooks. maybe if i could be pointed to the right direction...
    Emeka Okafor
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  • Best Way to Setup Drip Marketing?

    Running Community (actually SuiteCRM version so I have Advanced Open Workflow available.)  Wondering what people's thoughts are on the best way to implement this drip marketing scheme within Sugar?   - Two ...
    Jeff C
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  • Marketing Automation Drip Email Solutions? Anyone Used Inbox25?

    We are running Sugar CE (SuiteCRM actually).  We chose it because we have an in-house custom-built ERP system based on PHP/MySQL and so Sugar integrates well and we have full control (open source) to customize an...
    Jeff C
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  • CE 6.5 How do I copy the Tracker urls from one Campaign to another without having to reenter each url again on the new Campaign?

    On each campaign we use, we want to track many links embedded within the marketing email. Many of the urls are the same from email to email. Its rather tedious to have to recreate tracker records for the same urls on ...
    Pierce English
    created by Pierce English
  • Automatic recognition and data storage into SugarCRM

    Hello   I want to hear your opinion about your the business card scanner. Currently, there are several worthy applications. At first glance they are identical. So, what business card reader do you use now for ...
    Denis Kravchuk
    created by Denis Kravchuk
  • how do i create a report to populate a target list

    I want to import a csv database to send out a marketing email to. I know how to import the csv file but not sure how to then populate a target list from it. I think I need to create a report to use as the target data?
    David Woolven
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  • I am looking to extract the whole content from my email chain for the lead. Is it possible to download the emails associated with the lead in csv or excel?  I am looking to analyze historical data.

    Please suggest soon.
    Nimish Gopal
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