• How can I automatically ( without marking each meetings calls) populate / transfer it to Sugar crm calendar ? ( I have the outlook pluggin)

    How can I automatically ( without marking each meetings calls) populate / transfer it to Sugar crm calendar ? ( I have the outlook pluggin)
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  • I am presently using Sugar Enterprise.  I'd like to create a bar and pie chart to augment my reports.  There are no drop downs to create visuals, i.e. bar and pie charts.  Looking for assistance plz.

    I am a new user and presently using Sugar Enterprise. I'd like to create a bar and pie chart to augment my reports. There are no drop downs to create visuals, i.e. bar and pie charts. Looking for assistance plz.
    Michele Rebstock
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  • Exporting Tasks

    I'd like to export my tasks, and when I do I'd like to the Account Name that I entered for each account to be a part of that export. Right now I get the Sugar ID. Is it possible?
    Peter Ganci
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  • Controling the cell format of Excel for Sugar exports

    Hi there,   When I export the Contacts list from Sugar to Excel, the phone numbers in some cases get 'corrupted', since Excel (I assume) tries to interprete them as formulas in about 10% of the cases.   An...
    Hugo Geyskens
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  • How to import contacts and companies at once

    I have an external list of contacts and their companies and would like to import it into Sugar. When I do it only checks on email so it only finds those duplicates. That means it then creates a new company record for ...
    Mark Lackey
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  • Create new records and update existing records

    Hello community, I'm new to this forum but I really need your help..   I'm trying to find a solution that will allow me to update my contacts.   It's actually a big sheet with a looooot of informations an...
    Charlotte Proth
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  • Upgrade 6.5.16 to a version that uses PHP5.6

    Hello, We are having an issue with a friend's Sugar install. They are just swapping web hosts and we are trying to help them. They have a SugarCRM CE install using version 6.5.16   We would like to upgr...
    James Baldock
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  • Pop-up error keeps stopping contact import. 

    The error states "Import Error Occurred".  I can restart the import and it will go past where it previously erred out but will then error again somewhere between 500 and 1k contacts later. I checked the record it...
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  • SugarCRM CE - Migration - 'The file is corrupt and cannot be opened'

    Hello,   Please can someone help me, I am desperate to fix an old Sugar install for a friend of mine.   I've moved the site from the old hosting server to a new one. Since the move, each time we download a...
    James Baldock
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  • How to append Sugar ID to imports?

    I do a lot of imports into Sugar (Accounts and Contacts) from lists that do not have the Sugar ID - does anyone know of an easy way to append the Sugar ID to these lists?  The Account Name may not always be an ex...
    Sharon Holland
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  • How to mass delete duplicates

    I just synced my Inbox25 to our leads module and it has Citrix integration for Gotowebinar and it uploaded each new lead 3 times so I need to figure out a way to either merge them or delete all the duplicates.   ...
    Paul Harrington
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  • Importar y exportar

    Buenas tardes   exporte un modulo de un crm que tengo por medio de estudio, me genero un zip que utilice en otro crm para cargarlo, me lo instala correctamente y me lo muestra en la lista del cargador de m&oacut...
    andres gutierrez
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  • How do I make sure an email that I send from Outlook, is populated into SUGAR and that contact?

    When sending an email to an account, lead or prospect... How do I make sure that email populates into SUGAR for tracking purposes?   Thanks,Chad
    Chad McLean
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  • Export to csv file function not available?

    Hello, I'm using Sugar Corporate Version 6.7.5 I'm not sure if I have some wrong settings but I am not able to export a rows and column report to a csv file. It only allows me to print as pdf.  Can anyone ...
    Christina Christina
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  • What options are available for bulk creation of RLI?

    Hi there,   I would like to automate the bulk creation of Revenue Line Items (RLI). The idea is to end up with dedicated RLI for a Monthly Recurring Revenue. As we can have 10 MRR products per opportunity a...
    Maciej Widomski
    created by Maciej Widomski
  • How to link SugarCRM with excel workbook?

    I would like to update my project tracking excel workbook with the sugar number (operations number), every time a new one is created in Sugar. Kindly instruct me on how to go about the process.
    Rahul Pillai
    created by Rahul Pillai
  • How do I export calls, meetings, notes and tasks and still see my contacts' name ? I can only see their ID number for now

    I'm a user of Sugar Community. I've tried exporting calls and meetings to keep track of all actions done with each client. However, I cannot see my clients' name, therefore I'm unable to know to whom the call o...
    Salma Chehata
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  • Email to call note?

    In our company, we send a lot of follow up emails. To prevent myself from wasting time writing a call note and an email, I'd like to make the email I'm sending to our customer automatically copy into a call note. Does...
    Jake Myers
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  • How I could extract all the data about the suppliers?

    When I try to find all my suppliers I can only check one of them if I type it. How I could extract all the data about the suppliers?
    Victor Perez
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  • Exporting from list view [FATAL] Prepared statements not supported

    Hi   I have a very odd thing happening I can export reports fine but anything else ie export from list view or Target List I get   [18168][-none-][ERROR] An exception happened: ( 401 Unauthorized: inv...
    Joe Carter
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