• Enabling sub menu display?

    crm menu does not display the sub levels to be positioned, only the name of the modules are. this step after creating the users and assign roles.  some help to get to the solution?  (I apologize - the transl...
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  • change module column order

    How do I change the order of the columns in modules? AKA, re-arrange the order the columns appear. Ticket module example attached.
    Rachel Rosen
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  • Used to be able to change screen colors in Sugar 6. Where is this in later versions?

    We used to be able to access a Tools menu to change colors and such. Now this cannot be found in the later version we just upgraded to on Friday. Where is this option now located? 
    Dawn Mooney
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  • Rearranging subpanels in Chrome

    I am able to rearrange the order of sub panels in Firefox but when I try in Chrome I cannot.
    Brian Coventry
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  • How do i disable the Activity Stream as my default home page

    I have created a "My Dashboard" that I would like to default upon login.  But every time I login, the Activity Stream defaults and it is useless to me - how do I disable it?  Please advise jshanabarger@bizma...
    Joseph Shanabarger
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  • 401 error ,reason=Unauthorized Unknown

    Hi All, I'm using https://xxx.sugarondemand.com/rest/v10/bulk API call to write into SugarCRM. I'm trying to write a large amount of data to SugarCRM,but after some time,after loading few thousands of records, I'm g...
    Anush Shetty
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  • Embed "Or" statement in list view dashlet...?

    Is there a way to embed an "or" statement in a list view dashlet? Out of the box, Sugar assumes you want the List View dashlet filters to be "and" functions.   However, I want a list view of Opportunities with a...
    Philippa Grover
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  • It is possibile to set fixed position for column titles in list view?

    HI all, in some Sugarcrm Modules, we have a lot of records and when we scroll down the list the title row disappear, scrolling up with the page. Is it possible to set fixed position for titles with sugar native setti...
    Federico Ricci
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  • API call for Bulk Update and Delete Operations

    Hi,   Is there any API call for "bulk" Update and Delete operations in SugarCRM?   Regards Anush Shetty
    Anush Shetty
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  • Sugar On Demand vs. Onsite hosting

    Can anyone provide any feedback with regards to switching from On-Demand instance to a self hosted (Rackspace) scenario? We are using Sugar Pro 7.5 and considering the switch to improve speed.  Any feedback (posi...
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  • Limitation of "get/Object_Name" API Call

    Hi We are using SugarCRM Ondemand Instance. We are using the following API call to read data from SugarCRM objects(Leads,Accounts,Contacts..etc)   https://******.sugarondemand.com/rest/v10/Contacts?max_num=-1 The...
    Anush Shetty
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  • Individual dashlets are not showing the summary values

    They are showing in the individual reports. Not sure if the issue is a result of an update or not. Any guidance is appreciated.   @
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  • How do you hide completed tasks in the dashboard My Tasks panel?

    How do I hide completed tasks in the My Tasks panel in my Dashboard view?
    Dan Dan
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  • Which is the  view of the cube at the left side of the admin navigation bar?

    Which is the  view of the cube at the left side of the admin navigation bar? I would like to remove the activity stream button, many thanks!!
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  • I need help to move a working version of Sugar Community V5.2.0a

    Please can someone give me a step by step instruction on how to move a working copy of Sugar Community V5.2.0a from an old server to a new one. I cannot find a full exe install for V5.2.0a and at this stage don’...
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  • Presentations and training for how to use SugarCRM

    please send me any presentation for how to use SugarCRM
    Ahmed Atia
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  • Quick Repair caused my currency fields to become read only

    I did a quick repair last night, and all of the "Currency" fields became read only. Does anyone know how to fix this? The User Roles are set to be able to edit
    Margarita Lainez
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  • CE version differences

    currently running CE 6.4.3 exploring what deltas there might be between this and the latest , 6.5.22
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  • Deleting column from History subpanel

    Hi, I've been looking for a couple of hours without success. I'm running a SugarCRM CE edition v6.5.21 In my account view, I'd like to delete 2 default columns from the History subpanel. I've read several times ...
    support.peps support.peps
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  • I want to give to button in the status dropdown field for the Dashboard view. I'm using SugarPro 7.5

    In Dashboard i have one custom module. Now i want to change the View in status dropdown field. ie. I have one status field. this is dropdown field. In dashboard View i have to put button instead of dropdown values for...
    Sundar Kumar
    created by Sundar Kumar